A Good Slave Knows She Has to Wait Nikita Mirzani 2

Nikita Mirzani’s breath came faster when she figured out who the other man was. Between the unique shade of his hair - a dark gold, and his slight English accent it could only be Zack.

She’d met him last summer when her friend Dewi Persik had been hired to work at one of his shops. He was the owner of several custom tailoring and embroidery shops in the Near North area. She’d had a crush on him ever since. What the hell was he doing here?

“Ask her, Zack.” Xander’s voice was firm.

Zack seemed to take a moment to process Xander’s order before complying. “What level are you at, slave?”

“Green, Sir.” The woman’s voice was ragged. “Please…Sir…I need more.”

Nikita Mirzani was surprised at the desperate need she heard in the woman’s voice. This wasn’t the brutal assault she’d first thought. She’d run downstairs, in the process spraining her ankle, to not find a woman being abused but a woman enjoying what was obviously a consensual BDSM scene.

Sinking back against the wall, she closed her eyes. God, I've got to quit being so damn impulsive. She tentatively put her weight on her ankle. The resulting pain had black spots dancing before her eyes.

Fuck, there is no way I can make it back upstairs without them knowing. Embarrassment flushed her checks at the thought. I’m stuck here until they finish, so I can have one of them call me an ambulance.

Holding herself still, she tried to ignore her surroundings. The sounds of flesh being struck, the begging pleas from the woman should’ve been a turn-off but they weren’t.

Nikita Mirzani had read everything she could get her hands on about BDSM. She even knew enough to recognize what ‘levels’ were but she had never actually experienced a true scene before.

She’d wanted too but hadn’t found a man she could trust that much. The closest she’d come was the time her last boy-friend had gotten rough during sex and hit her ass.

He’d immediately begged her forgiveness and ruined the moment. The climax that had been within her reach - her first with a man - had slipped away.

Now she was stuck in the hallway with her ultimate fantasy going on mere feet away. When the cries suddenly stopped, she assumed they were finished and pushed off the wall. She realized her mistake when she glanced in the room.

The woman was still restrained. The trembling of the woman’s splayed legs and her fast breathing told Nikita Mirzani this scene was far from finished. Like a deer caught in headlights, she couldn’t look away, especially when Zack moved closer to the woman.

“Let’s see how badly you need it, slave.”

Almost as if he realized she couldn’t see, her brother who had been standing closer to the woman stepped aside, giving Nikita Mirzani a clear view.

The glistening fluid on the woman’s inner thighs told of the woman’s ecstatic pleasure. She watched as Zack shoved aside the crotch of the restrained woman’s thong then thrust his fingers inside the moaning slave.

Nikita Mirzani’s heart raced. When his fingers withdrew she could see the sticky cream of the other woman’s arousal on them. She nearly gave away her hidden presence with a moan when Zack stuck them in his mouth and cleaned them off. Oh my God, that should be illegal.

“Damn, Xander, I do believe she was telling the truth. She definitely is a horny little slut.” Zack’s voice was full of amusement and a touch of satisfaction as if he were pleased he’d brought the woman to such a high level of arousal.

Xander chuckled and the slave began to plead again.

“Please, Sir…please!” She tugged against the leather restraints.

When Zack backed away from the woman Nikita Mirzani could tell he’d turned serious. His moment of revelry with Xander was over. He was once more focused on the woman. “As you wish.”

Anticipation filled Nikita Mirzani when he stepped back to resume his position behind the woman. The fluid arc of his arm as it drew back and the resulting thwacking sound from what she assumed was a flogger had her breath catching hard in her throat.

Her nipples beaded under her sleep shirt as her softly exhaled moan joined the harsher moan of the other woman. Clinging to the door, Nikita Mirzani’s world narrowed down until the only thing that mattered was the scene playing out before her.

Her desire climbed steadily as Zack gave the woman stroke after stroke on her upper back and ass. The woman seemed to writhe against the wooden X even harder the faster the blows fell. Nikita Mirzani longed to feel the burn of the flogger against her own skin.

Standing in the shadows, Nikita Mirzani tried to fight her need masturbate. I can’t do this here. If Xander turns he’ll see me. When a particularly hard blow had the slave fighting against the bonds holding her, Nikita Mirzani’s self–control broke.

She shoved her hand under the sleep shorts she was wearing to bury two of her fingers inside of her aching pussy. Watching the fiery path of the flogger draw broader strokes across the slave’s reddened skin, Nikita Mirzani wanted to be her.

Oh God what does it feel like? I want to be the one giving up my body to Zack. The idea had her panting as she rubbed her thumb over her clit. She’d give anything to be the one under Zack’s flogger right now.