A Good Slave Knows She Has to Wait Nikita Mirzani 3

She wanted to feel the helplessness of being restrained - to feel the erotic bite of the flogger and know that Zack was the one controlling it - that she had no other course but to accept what he gave. She bit down hard on her lower lip to keep the plea from spilling from her mouth.

With the pain of her ankle now forgotten, she leaned hard against the door to free her other hand. It immediately went to her cloth covered nipples. She alternated pinching them as she drew closer to the edge. Sweat beaded on her forehead and between her breasts. She was so close - just a few more strokes and she’d come.

“Please, Sir…I want to… no, I need to…come!”

The cry of the slave while she arched her body towards the downward swings of the flogger nearly pushed Nikita Mirzani over the edge.

Oh God, yes! Beg for it, you bitch. Nikita Mirzani would’ve been appalled at her own thoughts if lust hadn’t clouded her mind. Gone was the good girl who did what her mother expected, while in her place was the horny submissive woman she longed to be.

Rubbing her clit faster, Nikita Mirzani’s blood was pounding in her ears. She tensed as she felt the approach of her orgasm when Zack’s voice reached her.

“Don’t you dare come! A good slave knows she has to wait until her Master gives permission.” His voice was tight with restrained desire, and if he hadn’t had his back to her, Nikita Mirzani would’ve sworn Zack was speaking to her. Giving her nipple a brutal twist, she allowed herself to fall into the fantasy.

“Please, Sir!” Nikita Mirzani wasn’t sure if the words had come from her mouth or the slave’s as her body trembled on the edge of gut wrenching pleasure.

“No! Do not come.”

Her climax stalled at his command. A low whimper escaped her when her thumb eased its pressure on her clit. She could almost feel the thuds of the flogger landing against her willing flesh. She didn’t recognize the woman she was now, but only knew she had the desire to obey - she no longer controlled her body - Sir did.

Unaware of the moans, pants and gasps coming from her throat, she hovered on the edge of nirvana. It never occurred to her that one of the men had finally felt her presence. She nearly sobbed in relief when Sir finally gave his long-awaited permission.

“Now come for me, slave.”

She choked as his command released a wave of violent pleasure which battered her body. The bone-jarring sensation weakened Nikita Mirzani’s knees. She fell towards the floor never hearing the muttered curse her brother uttered as he caught her.

As the pleasure finally eased, pain from her forgotten ankle rushed in. A low moan of agony slipped past her lips before she blacked out.

“Come on Brat, wake up. Don’t do this to me.” Hearing her brother’s thick Irish brogue, she tried to focus on Xander and not the agonizing throbbing of her ankle. Taking a few deep breaths, she was finally able to focus on him.

A flush filled her face when his worried face filled her vision. Fuck, I stepped in it this time. Not only did I spy on something I never should’ve, I masturbated until I came. Her moan of embarrassment turned to one of pure agony when a pair of hands gently prodded her ankle.

“Damn, she’s gonna need an ambulance, Xander. Go call them, I’ll stay with her.”

Even through the red haze of pain, she latched onto the soothing voice. Sir. He was here - he’d make sure she’d be okay.

She was vaguely aware of her brother leaving. When a hand cupped her chin, she looked up into a pair of the most beautiful midnight blue eyes. Immediately her haze filling her from her orgasm and the resulting fall cleared. Licking her lips, she said the first thing that came to her mind. “Let me up.” She pushed his hands away from her body.

He immediately pushed her back down. “Don’t. Stay put, I don’t want you making your ankle worse. It’s swollen as a grapefruit. You’re not to move until the paramedics get here.”

She crossed her arms over her still beaded nipples. “Then don’t you think that you should go take care of your friend.” She glanced towards the wooden cross only to see that it was now empty.

“Already been taken care of - she’ll be fine.”

When the left side of his mouth quirked her heart started racing.

“But not as fine as you’re going to be when it happens the first time for you.”

Her eyes widened as panic filled her. He couldn’t know that I came with her. His attention was on her - not me. Even as she reassured herself, the knowing look in his eyes had her mouth going dry. “What do you mean?”

“Any woman who can ignore the pain of an obviously badly injured ankle while still having one hell of an orgasm from just watching me flog another woman, is going to be a spitfire the first time she’s under the whip. In fact that’s what I’m going to call you.”

“I didn’t…” She flushed and tried to divert her gaze from his.

“Liar.” Zack shoved his hand between her thighs. She jerked when his fingers brushed over her clit as he felt her wetness through the thin cloth. She groaned when she realized she’d just given him a sure sign of how sensitive her clit was.

“Both wet and highly sensitive yet you’re trying to say you didn’t come. I’m not buying it. You climaxed.” He brushed his thumb over her clit again. When she gasped he smiled, obviously savoring her reaction to his touch. “The next time it happens, I’ll be experiencing it firsthand.”

“Yeah right.” Trying to hide behind false bravado had little effect when he pinched her clit through her sleep shorts, sending sparks of pleasure shooting through her.

“That’s not just a promise, spitfire, it’s a guarantee.”

The desire in his eyes had her catching her breath. Fuck I can’t do this. Not only is he Xander’s friend, he’s way out of my league.

Before she could voice her protest at his audacity, Xander re-entered the room with an ice pack and something for her pain. Even as she lowered her eyes from Zack’s intense gaze only one thought filled her mind, I came from simply watching him flog another woman. Not only did it turn him on, he’s ready to pursue this. I’m so fucking screwed.