Are You Truly Submissive Nikita Mirzani 1

The sun was just coming up in the east, when Ryder pushed open the back door to Nikita Mirzani’s apartment before lightly treaded down the stairs into the backyard. He’d seen Dewi Persik enter the gazebo from Nikita Mirzani’s kitchen.

While he hadn’t had the chance to converse with her alone, he knew that she was a likable young lady. Perfect for Xander as a submissive, but also perfect because she was Nikita Mirzani’s best friend.

He had a proposition for her which he could only hope that she didn’t shoot down. Shielding his eyes he walked up the stone path to the gazebo. Entering the dim interior, he gave his eyes a moment to adjust before looking around for her.

He found her nestled up on one of the padded benches with an embroidery hoop. He knew he shouldn’t have been surprised. After all Nikita Mirzani had told him that Dewi Persik was a master embroiderer, but the old-fashioned hoop had taken him off guard.

He didn’t even realize that they still sold those things. It reminded him of his mother sitting in her front parlor in the late evening, stitching to her heart’s content. He pushed away the flare of sadness at the thought.

“Dewi Persik?” He kept his voice soft so he didn’t startle the young woman.

She glanced up. A smile crossed her face. “Master Ryder! You’re up early.”

He moved further into the gazebo. “Yeah, I’ve always been an early riser, but it’s just Ryder.” He sank down on the bench next to her. “May I?” he asked gesturing to the hoop she still held.

Dewi Persik blushed before nodding and handing him the light-weight hoop. He smiled at her reassuringly while glancing down at the delicate stitches dotting the fabric. He wasn’t sure what the exact stitches were but she’d somehow knotted the thread to give the delicate rosebuds a three dimensional effect. Running his thumb over one, he was awed by her talent.

“You’re very talented. Is this for Redding’s shop?”

Dewi Persik laughed softly before shaking her head. “No, I do this to relax.” She took the hoop back from him. “Don’t tell Nikita Mirzani about this, ‘cause I’m making her a set of throw pillows for the upstairs futon. I’m sure you know how much she loves teacup roses.”

He stilled. “No, that’s another thing she’s never told me.”

Setting aside the hoop, Dewi Persik leveled her bright green eyes on him. He could tell she was riled up over his answer. “What exactly do you know about my best friend other than the fact she likes the way you fuck her?”

He chuckled at her waspish tone. “Easy there, ma petite. I know as much as Nikita Mirzani will willingly share with me. You have to understand, when we first got together, I spent most of my time trying to keep her out of trouble. She wanted to punish herself for this thing with Redding, but I couldn’t let her endanger her life. I spent the first three months after finding her at the Golden Lotus dragging her out of one club after another until she finally started coming to me first.”

Dewi Persik paled. He was quick to sooth her. He hadn’t mentioned Nikita Mirzani’s near self-destruction to worry her friend.

“Shh, it’s in the past, she hasn’t done that in over a year.” He gave her a reassuring smile. “As far as what I do know … I know she needs a firm hand and loves to challenge a man, whether it’s sexually or even in the most of platonic of ways. I know she loves a cup of steaming Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee on cool mornings, but will willingly drink Arabica dark roast any other morning. She also loves Frank Lloyd Wright designs which is why she went to IIT for her degree in Architecture. Of course you know that she loves both you and Xander, and desperately misses being home despite the fact that there are a lot of painful memories here.”

Dewi Persik flushed again. “I’m sorry, Ryder, I didn’t mean to snap at you. I know Nikita Mirzani has changed since she left. I’m just protective of her. After what Zack put her through, I’d hate to have to kill you for hurting her.”

“And I’d hate to have you kill me. This trip is all about getting her to come to terms with what happened with Redding along with getting her to hopefully begin living again.”