Are You Truly Submissive Nikita Mirzani 4

According to Xander even to this day, his mother Myrna distrusted the BDSM world, which she had once accepted with open arms. The only exception in her mind was Xander and his mentor Alastar.

Even though she’d finally understood his reasoning, they had had a ‘knock down drag out’ fight over it. Finally she’d bluntly told him, even though she loved him, if he was going to continue to hide her from his mother, then evidently she needed to find another Master.

She reasoned, even if he didn’t want his mother to know of her true position in his life, at least she should have the right to be claimed as his girl-friend. So now they had a trip scheduled for Christmas time to travel to Ireland where he wanted to introduce both Dewi Persik and Nikita Mirzani to his mother.

“If you’re going to stand there all day, it’s obvious that you’re contemplating breaking one of my brother’s sacred rules, girl.” Nikita Mirzani’s voice broke her out of her reflections. With a start, Dewi Persik realized the door knob she’d been holding onto was gone and the door was open with her best friend grinning over at her cheekily.

“No…I was just getting ready to knock.” Dewi Persik pasted a smile on her face to cover her nerves. She was uncomfortable with the fact not only had Nikita Mirzani snuck up on her while she was woolgathering, but the idea that Xander could wander out into the vestibule in search of her to find her in the upper hallway had her jumpy.

Nikita Mirzani leaned against the door frame. “So what brings you up here, when I know for a fact, that Xander has declared this apartment off limits to you?”

“Well two things. I wanted to make sure you were all right. Last night sounded intense.”

Dewi Persik watched as her friend blushed. “I’m fine. I was just a bit pissed at Ryder - but I’m fine today. So what else did you want to talk to me about?”

“I was wondering if you’d meet me for lunch. We haven’t had a girls’ day out in too many months. I’ve found this awesome little sushi restaurant just down the street from the shop. They opened up about six months ago and they have some killer California rolls. Not to mention their Philadelphia rolls are to die for. I bet they even measure up to the ones you ate out in L.A. My treat, too.”

Dewi Persik’s heart went out to Nikita Mirzani as she watched her friend war with the idea of a free meal with her best friend versus the possibility she might run into Zack.

“I…” Nikita Mirzani started to refuse and stopped when the genuine disappointment on Dewi Persik’s face showed. Downstairs, the door opened.

Dewi Persik looked over her shoulder with a slightly panicked look. “Aw come on, Nikita Mirzani, agree before your brother catches me up here.”

“Too late.” Xander’s cool voice floated up from the bottom of the steps. Dewi Persik stiffened her back before turning to look down at Xander’s disapproving face. “What did I tell you, slave?”

Biting her lower lip, Dewi Persik decided to bluster her way through this. She hadn’t actually gone in the apartment. “I was asking Nikita Mirzani about meeting me for lunch.” She hoped he picked up on her meaning. After all it had been his and Ryder’s idea. “I didn’t go inside the apartment.”

Xander’s eyes warmed briefly as they settled on his sister. “Is that right? Did she stay out in the hall?”

Nikita Mirzani nodded wordlessly.

“Good, then you’re not in any more trouble than what you originally earned this morning. Come down here so I can check you before I drop you off at the shop.”

She nodded before she turned her pleading gaze back to Nikita Mirzani. “Please, girl. We can meet at the restaurant if you don’t feel comfortable coming to the shop.”

“Now Dewi Persik!” Xander’s voice brooked no refusal. Slumping her shoulders dejectedly, she turned to head down the stairs when Nikita Mirzani’s deep sigh washed over her.

“Text me the address of the sushi shop and I’ll meet you there.”

Dewi Persik spun around and gave Nikita Mirzani a huge hug. “Thank you, Nikita Mirzani, you won’t regret it.” Then releasing her friend as quickly as she grabbed her, she rushed back down the stairs as rapidly as she could. Xander opened the door to their home before closing it sharply behind her.

“Over my desk, now!” His order had shards of anticipation running through her. Within moments she found herself bent over his big executive desk with her skirt hoisted up around her waist and her Master’s fingers buried inside of her.