Are You Truly Submissive Nikita Mirzani 7

Biting her lip to keep from giving away her ruse, Nikita Mirzani watched as Dewi Persik swung around to anxiously scan the room. When she didn’t find Xander, she turned back around to smack Nikita Mirzani’s arm with her rolled up napkin.

“You know, I do believe you deserved every bit of that whipping Ryder gave you last night, Nikita Mirzani. You are evil! That was sooo not right.”

Nikita Mirzani rubbed her arm while sticking her tongue out at Dewi Persik. “But I made ya look, didn’t I?”

Dewi Persik nodded. “That’s more like the friend I remember.”

Nikita Mirzani grew serious at her friend’s wistful voice. “She’s still there, Nis. Just buried a bit deeper out of self preservation, but she doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve anymore.”

Taking Nikita Mirzani’s hand, Dewi Persik pulled her friend closer to her before looking around the room. When she saw no one seemed to be noticing them, she continued in low tones.

“I want you to do something for me.”

“What?” Concerned by the undisguised need on her friend’s face, Nikita Mirzani held her breath.

“I want you to come downstairs tomorrow night to watch as Xander ties me up.”

“Nis…” Shifting uncomfortably in her chair, Nikita Mirzani wasn’t sure she could bear to watch her friend in such a vulnerable position.

“Please? I promised Ryder I would ask.”

Nikita Mirzani paused. “What does Ryder have to do with this?”

“Before I answer, let me ask you something, Nikita Mirzani. Do you want to please him? Are you truly submissive to him, or is he just a buffer against Zack?”

Nikita Mirzani had to bite her tongue against the anger which Dewi Persik’s implication brought forth, but she failed miserably.

“How dare you imply that I would use him in such a manner! He cared about my well being even when I didn’t. I could never use him. I owe him much more than I can ever repay, but ultimately it makes me happy to make him happy. I honestly love submitting to him.”

Dewi Persik tried to calm her friend, but Nikita Mirzani had a full head of steam going.

“I may have not been able to satisfy Zack, but I’ve done everything I can to satisfy Ryder. We’ve been together for over two years and I haven’t heard any complaints from him yet!”

“Calm down, Nikita Mirzani. I didn’t say it to piss you off. For someone who doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve, you’re sure quick to anger. The reason I asked is because Ryder approached me this morning about asking you to watch Xander and me. For a woman who claims she knows her Dom well, did you realize he’s been visiting clubs to tie up other submissives?”

Nikita Mirzani felt the blood rush through her head at the idea that she’d once more had failed her Dom. “He’s fucking other subs?”

Dewi Persik was quick to reassure her. “No. He’s not fucking them, or at least I don’t think so. He says he just goes to a club he’s a member of and ties up who ever asks, or whoever pays the club for the pleasure. There’s no sex involved if it’s anything like how Sasha Grey’s is run.”

“Why didn’t he tell me?” Nikita Mirzani’s voice came out as mere whisper. “I’d have let him…”

“Shh,” patting Nikita Mirzani’s hand, Dewi Persik tried to calm her. “I asked him the same thing. He said he was more concerned about putting you first at the time. He also thought you knew about it. Something about him mentioning it when he went over your limits?”

Anger replaced the devastation Nikita Mirzani had felt mere minutes before. “Like hell he did! He mentioned he’d done it in the past, but never once…and I do mean once…did he ever claim that he wanted to do that with me. All he had to do was tell me…hell, even order me to - I would’ve done it in a heartbeat.”

Sensing that her friend was ready to go off half-cocked, Dewi Persik stopped her.

“He’s a typical man, girl. How would you like to get even with him?”

Nikita Mirzani frowned. “Get even with him?”

Dewi Persik’s eyes twinkled. “Yeah. Have you ever heard the expression, ‘don’t get mad, get even’?”

“Yeah! What are you planning? I don’t trust that look in your eyes, Nis.”

“Trust me. You’ll love it. I need to talk to your brother about it first but I’m sure he’ll go for it.”

Nikita Mirzani just shook her head. “And here Xander claims I’m the bad influence. I think you’ve got him buffaloed, Nis.”

Dewi Persik grinned as she tried to give her friend a wide-eyed innocent look. “Who me?”

Nikita Mirzani burst out laughing. “Yes you!”