Are You Truly Submissive Nikita Mirzani 6

Nikita Mirzani froze at the harsh tone of Zack’s voice. Her heart sped up and her throat became parched even while her panties dampened. Cursing her bad luck, she froze. Time stood still for her when his midnight dark blue eyes met hers.

“Nikita Mirzani?” He looked over her shoulder. “Where’s your protector?” His sneer motivated her to move. She was through playing the ‘victim’ even to him.

“I don’t need a protector, Zack. Excuse me.” She moved past him. When his hand clamped around her arm, she fought her need to shiver. Awareness of his body next to hers had her wishing they were anywhere else but in the middle of a sushi bar. “Let go of me.”

Keeping her voice low, she crawled behind the ‘wall of indifference’ that she showed everyone. Even though ‘the wall’ was in tatters from the night before, she knew it created enough of a barrier between them to get her through the next few minutes. “Excuse me, but I happen to have a lunch date.”

Even without looking up at him, she could tell he was becoming impatient with her. “Have you become such a…”

Wrenching her arm free, she glared up at him. “Don’t! I have done nothing to warrant this behavior, Mr. Redding. You wanted me out of Chicago, so I left. You have no say in what I do or don’t do anymore. Good day.” She moved further into the room while quickly scanning for Dewi Persik.

Seeing her friend sitting at a nearby table, she headed towards it trying to ignore Zack’s parting words behind her.

“This isn’t over, Spitfire. It’ll never be over between us. Remember that when that California dude is trying to satisfy you in bed.”

Blinking back the tears, she vowed that despite her rampant attraction to him, she was through with Zack.

“Hey girl! Are you okay?” Dewi Persik’s concerned look as Nikita Mirzani took the seat across from her had her shaking her head.

“I’ll be fine …just another unfortunate run-in with your boss.”

A panicked look crossed Dewi Persik’s face. “I didn’t…”

Giving her friend’s hand a squeeze, Nikita Mirzani was quick to reassure her. “I know you didn’t. It’s a free country and if Zack wants to stop here for lunch then it’s his business. I know you had nothing to do with him choosing to be here at the same time. But I don’t want to talk about that egotistical asshole. Didn’t you promise me some California rolls?”

“Yep, you’ll love ‘em!” Dewi Persik flagged down the waiter.

Giving a sigh of contentment with her belly full of top-notch sushi, Nikita Mirzani leaned back against the padded back of her chair.

“You were right, Nis. Those rolls were excellent.” Wiping her mouth on the napkin in her lap, she stared thoughtfully at Dewi Persik. Her friend fidgeted in her seat. She noticed Dewi Persik had been fidgety during the meal along with being distracted.

“All right - spill. What has you on edge?” Crossing her arms over her chest, she gave Dewi Persik the look that told her friend that she wasn’t going to let the issue rest.

A bright flush washed over Dewi Persik’s pale skin. “It’s nothing. I snuck out of bed this morning, so now I’m paying for it.”

“Tender bottom?” A knowing look crossed Nikita Mirzani’s face. “I’ve been there. There have been many days I’ve had to sit behind a drafting table on a hard stool with a sore ass, while the man who’d caused it watched me across the room with either a knowing look, or worse a huge grin, on his face. You should be thankful Xander doesn’t work with you. I’m sure he’d take pleasure in watching every squirm.”

Laughing, Dewi Persik shook her head. “It’s not my ass that’s bothering me. Damn BenWa balls, if Xander were here right now, I’d club him with the nearest blunt object.”

“Oh really? Should I mention it to him? Well on second thought, I think he might have just heard you if the look on his face is any indication.”