He Was Eating You Out Nikita Mirzani 5

Fingers parted her. He inhaled and gripped her ass in both hands and moved her slightly until her pussy made contact with his mouth. His lips latched onto her, sucking one side then the other, releasing her with moist pops that had her blowing out breaths in short, hard streams through pursed lips because it felt so damn good, so foreign.

Like a dream come true because Nikita Mirzani had imagined what it might be like and now it was happening. Danny Echo was eating her out. He gave long soothing strokes of his tongue and short ones that flickered over her soft wet edges. Then he hardened the point to flutter at her clit.

Nikita Mirzani couldn’t hold still and began to rock in short glides, guided by his hands as she moved forward and back. She gave a moan when he rubbed his tongue harder over the swollen knot, burgeoning at the top of her folds and held still while he laved it over and over again.

“God, Danny, that’s good.”

“Like it?”

“Oh, yeah.”

He gave her sex a loud smacking kiss, slapped her ass, and pushed her down his body. She heard a tear, the slick snap of latex, and then he rolled, fitting her under him and thrusting his arms beneath her knees to lift her ass. “Put me inside you.”

Both hands gripped his shaft, and he rocked forward. Nikita Mirzani aimed him right at her entrance, felt the nudge of his broad, round cap, and let go, bracing a hand against the wall and clutching the notch of his hip with the other as he entered her.

He was large. Perfect. Pushing gently upward, crowding through wet, swollen tissue that hadn’t felt the stretch of a cock in good long time. Air hissed between her teeth, and she turned away her face.

“No,” he said softly. “You wanted this. You have to watch.” He reached and hit a light switch. The overhead glared down, exposing us both to the harsh, bright light.

Nikita Mirzani covered her breasts but couldn’t help looking down to where their bodies joined. He pulsed inward, halted, and then pulled out. His shaft glistened with her juices. He slid his fingers around the base of his cock and squeezed. “Keep lookin’ at me like that and I’ll blow.”

A smile tugged at the corners of her lips, and she knew she must have looked like the kitten licking up all the cream. She was the one who had his body so tight and hard that his belly shivered.

“Nikita Mirzani,” he ground out. “Fuck.” He released his grip, angled his cock just right, and slammed up her pussy.

Her mouth opened and a long, thin groan joined the nasty sounds echoing around the cab. Juicy slaps. Soft, masculine grunts. Short, metallic creaks. Coming faster as he pounded toward her core.

Release, when it came, roared through her. Toes curling, Nikita Mirzani snapped open her legs as wide as they could go, arched her back and sank her nails into his backside, trying to hold onto the moment because it was so damn perfect.

When her peak began to wane, he jerked, stroking in short, sharp bursts. Then he dug deeper at the last moment. His head fell back, his mouth opening around a loud, aching groan.

The sight of him, all primal male, chest and belly quivering, his cock still lodged deep inside her, was oh so gratifying.

At last, he gave a deep sigh and collapsed over her, her legs still wedged high, trapping his arms in the bend of her knee. She couldn’t help it. She laughed.

His head jerked up. His gaze met hers, and his lips twitched. “Think I didn’t do that on purpose?”

“Losin’ circulation yet?”

He ducked and mashed his lips against mine, then backed up on his knees. His arms slid from under her legs, and she eased them down, stretching them on either side of his kneeling frame.

“So, I hear you’re leavin’.”

“Word gets around.”

“Movin’ out of town?”

She nodded. “To Prescott. I have another job. But how’d you know? I asked Cooter to keep it quiet.”

His mouth widened. “Your new job. Dispatch for Ragland?”

She eyed him warily. “That’s it. Just a good guess?”

He shook his head slowly, his smile never dimming. Warmth centered in her chest. Nikita Mirzani ran her palms over his belly and scratched her fingernails down toward his groin.

He came out of her, and she rolled the wet latex slowly down his length. “Lemme guess. You drive for them.”

“Uh huh. Owner said this hot as hell woman from HT was hirin’ on, and did I know you.”

She pulled his cock hard, just to get his attention. “You couldn’t have mentioned this earlier?”

He came over her, bracing his torso on his arms, a wicked glint in his gray eyes. “And have you spoil one fine-as-hell good-bye?”