I Have Been Dying to Eat You Nikita Mirzani 5

Nikita Mirzani’s tongue traced the curve of her lower lip. “Please,” she whispered, feeling empty without him. She’d been feeling empty since she walked out on him, physically and emotionally.

He sank back into her with a low hiss of pleasure. “You’re so sexy, baby. So damn perfect and beautiful. I have no fucking idea what you’re doing with a guy like me, but I’m grateful. Every damn day.”

God help her. She loved him so much.

He tugged the tie at her waist and pushed the two halves of her dress open. He released the center clasp of her bra, freeing her breasts into his waiting palms. Her pussy tightened around him, echoing the gentle rolling of her nipples between his talented fingers.

“I’m so sorry.” He was flushed and shiny with sweat, his beautiful hazel eyes as red as hers felt. “So damn fucking sorry that I ever let you think, for even a moment, that you were nothing but a convenient piece of ass to me. I loved you the moment I saw you. I should have told you—”

“I need things from you.” She wrapped her hands around his wrists, anchoring herself as the pleasure threatened to sweep her away.

“I know.” His hips rocked in a slow and easy tempo. “I need things from you, too.”

That caught her. She wanted him to need her. She wanted to be valuable to him, to serve a purpose in his life. To share his life. “Such as?”

“I need your travel schedule.” His lips kicked into a smile when she scowled. “So I can plan my trips to match up with yours. And I need you to move in with me. Your jewelry business is you, right? You can design your pieces anywhere?”

Nikita Mirzani nodded, unable to speak while he was saying everything she’d longed to hear and fucking her so perfectly. The fluid, rhythmic plunges of his cock were driving her half out of her mind.

Her entire body was straining with the need to come, her hips lifting to meet his downstrokes. He was so hard and it felt so good to be with him again. To smell the scent of his skin and feel his flesh beneath her hands.

“I’m stuck for now with the brewery in Portland.” His words slurred slightly as the pleasure built for him, too. “But if you don’t like the city or the house or anything, I’ll go where you’re happy. I just need time, time I don’t want to spend without you.”

“Harder,” she urged, grabbing his taut perfect ass in her hands. Her neck arched, her head pressing into the bedding as her climax hovered just out of reach. “Fuck me hard.”

Gripping her waist, Zack gave her what she needed. His aggressive strokes set her off in a rush.

“I’m right there with you,” he groaned, driving powerfully into her. He made that sexy little noise that made her hot, a cross between a grunt and a hum that said more than words how much pleasure she gave him. “Right there...Right. There.”

His gaze locked with hers as he came, the heady rush of pleasure shared between them.

“I love you,” he grated, shaking with the force of his climax.

She couldn’t look away, daring to believe.

Zack got her naked. Nikita Mirzani missed how he accomplished the feat while in her euphoric postclimax haze, but she was grateful for the result. She lay curled against his side, her legs tangled with his. Her head lay on his chest and her fingertips tracing her name imprinted in his skin.

“I was going to fuck you and walk out,” she confessed.

“I caught that.” He pressed his lips to her forehead. “I wouldn’t have let you leave. I would’ve followed you with my junk hanging out if I had to and hauled you back.”

She lifted her head. “Like I’d ever let other women get an eyeful of you.”

Zack smiled. “I’m all yours, honey. Flaws, baggage, and all.”

Her hand stilled and settled over his heart. “You’re not ready, Zack. I wish you were.”

“The counselor I’ve been talking to says otherwise.”

Nikita Mirzani’s heartbeat skipped. “Counselor?”

He nodded. “I’ll need to keep seeing him for a while, but I know enough about what losing Curt did to me to have my head on straight again.”

Her heart ached for the tragedy he’d suffered. She couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to outlive your child.

His fingers linked with hers. “I should have talked to someone a lot sooner, most especially after I started seeing you. It wasn’t fair to you that I didn’t.”