I Love Spicy Food Nikita Mirzani 4

Shuffling her skirt up, she exposed her panties. She knew they’d be wet, and when she glanced down she could see a visible damp patch that followed the niche of her pussy. Zack swore low under his breath.

“Is that what you’d consider evidence?” she asked.

Sensible young man that he was, he thought about his response carefully before stating it aloud. It was one of the things that had tickled her about him. He was quietly ambitious, a risk taker, but he thought each comment out carefully before he took that risk.

“I need something more substantial,” he eventually replied. Humor flitted across his expression.

“In that case I think you’d better investigate more closely, don’t you?”

He nodded, and his eyes seemed to darken, his intensity growing by the moment. Nikita Mirzani pursed her lips, her blood rushing as she waited for him to make contact.

He moved between her open thighs, then ran one finger down the side of her G-string—tantalizing her skin along the seam between her pussy and her thigh—before easing his finger under the fabric and homing straight in on her slit.

There was a slight tremor in his hand as he ran the back of one knuckle down the seam of her pussy, making brief but delicious contact with her clit. When she hummed her approval, he repeated the action.

She leaned in and kissed his mouth, hands tight on his shoulders as she did so. He returned her kiss, their tongues thrashing as they hungrily explored each other’s mouths. She could taste him too, and she wanted him.

Her open thighs wrapped more readily around his slim hips. The action enabled his finger to move lower, and within moments he had her panties pulled to one side and his finger had eased inside her.

“Oh yes, that’s really good,” she blurted when the hard digit slid inside her. She clutched it eagerly, and her upper body rested back against the chair. She pivoted on her hips, moving against his finger, her shoulders leaning against the knobs of the cooker at her back.

“Eat something,” he whispered, nodding over at the table.

Nikita Mirzani dipped her finger along the edge of her plate, then took it to her mouth and sucked the spicy sauce from it, watching him as she did so. The spices ran along her taste buds once again, making them tingle and spark.

Her entire skin kindled, and her nipples chaffed against her dress. Her core clenched rhythmically, and the hard length of his fingers in there felt even better than before. “Oh, you’re good!”

“I’ll have you know I take my research very seriously.” He got the comment out then groaned and peered down at her pussy as it clutched at him. “You’re amazing,” he added.

Nikita Mirzani rocked her hips, riding his fingers. What she really wanted was his cock, and she could tell by looking at him that he would be ready and willing. “Didn’t you say you had dessert?”

“Yes, tropical fruit marinated in amaretto.”

She purred aloud and gyrated, getting hornier by the moment. “Why don’t you feed it to me while you’re inside me…?”

She let that suggestion hang between them.

A moment later, understanding lit his expression. He removed his fingers, reached over to the fridge and pulled out a large, covered dish. As he did so Nikita Mirzani caught sight of the bulge in his jeans. There was no doubting his state of readiness, and she quickly stripped her G-string off, ready—oh so ready—for more of everything.

Zack clutched the bowl in one hand, the other closing over her bared pussy. There was a possessive look in his eyes. He squeezed her, as if he was testing her for ripeness. Then he lifted a piece of juicy mango from the bowl and held it out to her mouth.

She took the offering, licking his fingertips as she did so. He nodded, smiling. The texture and flavor was like a seductive dance on her tongue, the juicy fruit making her own juices flow all the more. “You make me feel greedy.”

Zack’s eyes had grown hooded, and the smile that played around his mouth made him even more attractive. “You make me feel lucky.”

He was clutching the bowl as if he was afraid of what he might do if he let go of it. It made her chuckle. “Put the bowl down on the table, and give me something harder.”

She nodded down at his groin.

Zack didn’t seem to need to assess the risk of this potential action. No sooner than he had put the bowl aside, his fly was open and his cock was standing out to attention, long and hard and impressive in its girth.