I Love Spicy Food Nikita Mirzani 5

Nikita Mirzani rearranged herself on the chair, splaying her legs more thoroughly. She ran her fingers down her sex folds to hold them open, inviting him in.

Zack stared at the offering. He shoved his hand in his jeans pocket and pulled out a condom. He quickly tore it open and donned the rubber.

Nikita Mirzani’s knees lifted around his hips as he pressed the blunt head of his cock to her opening, making her moan aloud. He hesitated, and she encouraged him on, tapping his bottom with one of her heels. “Zack, I need you, badly. You’ve teased and taunted me with your delicious cooking. You’ve got me in a terrible state. You have to put me out of my misery and make love to me.”

Zack did not seem able to reply verbally, but his physical response was perfect. He grabbed her around the buttocks with both hands and gave her his length, inch by inch, before easing back then pushing in to the hilt.

Nikita Mirzani expressed her gratitude audibly, her head going back as he stretched her open, filling her.

He kissed her throat while he found his rhythm, his hands clutching at her bottom over and over as he drove himself into her. In between damp kisses on her neck, he whispered her name and groaned.

“Oh, that’s so good!” she cried.

“I’ve wanted you so badly.” When he lifted his head to look at her she plucked a lychee from the nearby fruit bowl and put it into his mouth, then kissed him, scooping the fruit from his tongue to hers. The action sent him into overdrive, his hips thrusting against hers over and over.

When she bit into the succulent fruit and amaretto seeped onto her tongue she lifted her knees higher, angling his cock inside her. Her chair creaked and the front feet lifted, and she was grateful it was wedged against the cooker.

“Oh yes,” she cried, when his cock thrust up against the front wall of her sex and hit against her center. “Promise me next time we do this we’ll eat the whole meal this way.”

Zack stopped moving, and he cupped her jaw tightly in one hand as he looked deep into her eyes, forbidding her to look away. “Only if you promise me there will be many next times.”

Her emotions soared, her body strung out on the ecstasy of the moment, his words and actions making a deep impression on her, just as he obviously intended. Unbidden tears welled in her eyes.

For a while there she’d thought she would never feel like this, never want anyone this much ever again. Then Zack had melted that away. She nodded, and clutched at him tighter still. “I promise.”

He moved his hand and splayed it over her mons, thumb rocking against her clit, and then thrust again. Hard. “I want to feed you everything.”

“Oh god, yes!” That thumb stroking over her inflamed clit made her pant aloud. Rocking her hips from side to side she gripped his shoulders with both hands. She reached her plateau and an intense wave of pleasure swamped her groin. Hot juices ran from the place where they were joined, soaking her buttocks and the chair beneath her.

Zack soon joined her, his hips rolling in to hers over and over as he hit home and shot his load. Before he withdrew, he reached for another lychee, popping it between her lips. She bit the fruit and chewed it, savoring its intense flavor. He wiped a trickle of juice from the corner of her mouth.

“Are you sure you should do that?” she asked. “You’ll get me started again.”

“That was my intention.” His smile was wicked.

She couldn’t resist teasing him back. “Sure you can hack it?”

“Oh yeah, I’ve been hard thinking about you every night since I first saw you, and I’ve got a lot of erections to work off.”

Nikita Mirzani gestured at the fruit bowl. “In that case I believe it’s time to adjourn to your bed. You grab the fruit, I’ll bring the wine.”

Zack grinned. “You got it.”

As they stood, wobbly and laughing, she clutched him to her. “I like you Zack, I like you a lot.”

He cupped the back of her head and kissed her deeply. “I like you too, a lot. In fact I think I fell in love with you weeks ago. Does that worry you…?”

There was a challenge in his eyes. He really was a very intense sort of man, and that set her alight. “Not any more.” She ran her fingers along his jaw, sighing happily. “One thing I ought to say, though,” she added.

A concerned look flitted across his eyes.

“You must let me take my turn cooking.…otherwise you won’t get to know which meal turns me on most of all.”

The concerned look disappeared and he grinned. “It just gets better and better.”

She trailed her finger along his jaw. “When I like something this much I always come back for more.”