Just Try to Forget You are Wearing it Nikita Mirzani 1

Zack was staring out his office window, when a brisk knock sounded on his outer office door. Turning back around, he glared at the door. He’d told his ditzy sister he didn’t want any company for the rest of the afternoon, but she must have taken off early again to take care of some other miscellaneous wedding detail.

She spent more time with her lover, Ethan, and their mother Gladys, than she did attending to business. He normally wouldn’t begrudge his baby sister the time off, after all getting married was supposed to be a once in a lifetime experience, but he wasn’t in the mood today to deal with anyone. He briefly wondered if he ignored the person they would think he was out.

When the loud knock came again, he growled before standing with the intention of giving the intruder a piece of his mind. He’d been on edge ever since picking up Nikita Mirzani and that wannabe Dom. She was supposed to have been his, damn it! She was supposed to get some experience before returning to him, not letting another man claim her.

“You know, if you’re expecting her to take you back, Zack, hiding in this office isn’t going to cut it.” Ryder’s voice had Zack tensing. Testosterone had him ready to kick the other man’s ass. He had to remind himself that he was a civilized Dom who couldn’t attack another man just because Ryder had what he wanted.

“What the Hell do you want?”

Leaning against the door, Ryder watched him with cool eyes. “Now that’s a loaded question and one I don’t think you’re ready to hear the answer for.”

Sinking back into his chair, he tried to stare the younger man down. “You mean this bullshit everyone has been telling me about you trying to exorcise her memories of me so you can claim her? I can tell you right now, I’m not going to let her go without a fight.”

“I’d expect nothing less, Zack, but I’m here to tell you, the only way I’m going to let her go, is if she tells me she no longer wants me to be her Dom.” He pushed off the door to walk further into the room. “So the way I see it, we’re going to have to come to an agreement about her, because I’ll be damned if I’ll let you run her through the ringer again.”

“Get the fuck out!”

Ryder shook his head slowly. “I’m not leaving until we hash this out, Zack.”

“I have nothing to talk to you about. The only thing we have in common is…”

“…Nikita Mirzani, which is why I’m here. Whether she shows it or not you still have a strong pull on her. Stronger than I hoped for, in fact.”

Zack sneered at him. “So that’s what you’re worried about, Cali-boy - that in the end, she’ll pick me over you?”

Ryder shrugged. “There always has been that possibility, Zack. I knew when I took her on that she wasn’t over you. I was dealing with a hurting submissive. I went into this whole situation with my eyes wide open.” He leaned over Zack’s desk. “But come hell or high water, I’m going to see her healed.”

Nikita Mirzani let herself into her apartment. “Ryder?” Shutting the door behind her, she wandered into the kitchen. The apartment was eerily quiet. She frowned before walking over to her answering machine.

The little red light was blinking. After pressing the button to play back her messages, she walked over to open the fridge. She was reaching for a cold Coke when a heavily accented voice filled the room.

“This is José Castillo from A1 Storage, in Los Angles. I’m trying to reach Señor Ryder Patrick, regarding his storage unit. If you could please have him call me at 310-555-2381, I would greatly appreciate it.”

She frowned but jotted the number and name down on the tablet next to the fridge for Ryder, while hoping nothing bad had happened. Shutting its door, she popped the top on the soda can before chugging half of it down.