Just Try to Forget You are Wearing it Nikita Mirzani 5

After Nikita Mirzani shut the door, Dewi Persik looked around. “Where’s Ryder?”

Nikita Mirzani sighed. “He said he had some business to take care of.”

“Really?” Xander seemed intrigued, but smiled as if he knew something that Riley Reid didn’t. She let it go though because she knew he wouldn’t tell her unless he wanted to. Doms had a tendency to stick together.

“Yep.” Sticking her hands in her pockets, Nikita Mirzani focused on the bag in her brother’s hands nervously. “So what’s this nefarious plan that you’ve thought up, Dewi Persik?”

“It’s pretty simple but perfect. Master even agrees with me.”

“So what’s my part in this?”

“You trust me right?” Dewi Persik waited for her to answer.

Nikita Mirzani rolled her eyes. “Of course.”

Dewi Persik smiled. “First I need you to strip. Then Master is going to find the most feminine dress you have that has easy access - but will still hide my handiwork.” Dewi Persik took the bag from Xander before he disappeared into Nikita Mirzani’s bedroom.

Nikita Mirzani swallowed. “Good Lord, what have I gotten myself into?” She hurried into her bedroom followed closely by Dewi Persik.

After texting Ryder to let him know that she was going to be down at her brother’s, so he could find her easily when he got back, Nikita Mirzani snapped her phone closed. She turned back to her brother and her best friend.

She tried not to gasp when the rope moved against her skin. A particular knot that her girlfriend had placed just above her clit rubbed maddeningly against her sending shards of pleasure cutting through her.

“Damn if you’d told me it was like this, I’d have tried it years ago. How the hell do you walk around like this without coming? That knot is just wicked.”

Dewi Persik giggled but Xander just shrugged. “You’ll have to ask her…I’ve never worn a harness.”

Dewi Persik patted her on the shoulder. “Concentrate Nikita Mirzani. Just take deep breaths and try to forget you’re wearing it.”

The silky swish of the light, loose summer dress against her skin had her praying as she made her way down the stairs. Dewi Persik, with a bit of help from Xander, had wrapped the super thin nylon rope around her torso and lower body to form a harness of intricate knots that they assured her would drive Ryder wild with desire.

They had even managed to keep it all hidden under the dress her brother had picked out of her closet. She hadn’t worn this particular peachskin dress in over two years - since before she’d left for L.A. In fact Ryder had never seen it, but she had a feeling he’d love it.

Now, all she had to do was act normally around him until Dewi Persik and Xander took them down to her brother’s playroom. Act normal enough that she did not give away their devious plan to torture him, because she knew there was no way she would be able to lie to him if he asked her what was wrong.

“You’ll be fine, girl. Just imagine what kind of punishment you’re going to rack up for teasing him with the very thing he’s been denied but he could’ve had all along?”

Nikita Mirzani giggled. “That’s true. So is there anything I can help you with to set up before Ryder joins us?”

Xander shook his head. “Nope, everything is already ready. Why don’t you and Dewi Persik go sit in the gazebo, catch up, and have some mineral water.” Xander tugged Dewi Persik closer before nuzzling her neck. “I don’t want my little one to get dehydrated before our scene even starts.”

Watching the girls exit the kitchen through the sliding glass doors carrying their bottles of mineral water, Xander couldn’t help feeling the anticipation surging through his blood. Even though he had no incestuous thoughts about his baby sister, he was definitely looking forward to watching her tease Ryder.

In fact he enjoyed watching her interact with the other man the other evening. It showed him that she had a chance at finding the same thing he and Dewi Persik had - more than anything he wanted his sister happy.

He was just in the process of going to his office when there was a knock on the door. Adjusting his destination, he went to answer the door. Opening it, he wasn’t surprised to find two men on his doorstep.

“Ryder, Zack. I’ve been expecting you. You’ve timed it just right. Dewi Persik just took Nikita Mirzani out back to the gazebo.”