Just Try to Forget You are Wearing it Nikita Mirzani 7

With the rope rubbing her clit, it had been all Nikita Mirzani could do to make it down the stairs into Xander’s playroom without climaxing. Desire had been her constant companion ever since Xander and Dewi Persik had outlined their plan to her.

When she’d spotted first Ryder and then Zack, her heart had nearly pounded its way out of her chest. She knew instinctively that Ryder had set this whole scene up. “…the next time, I won’t stop him…he’ll be here…” echoed through her mind.

Incredibly instead of fear, the desire running through her system doubled. Her clit pulsed hard against the smooth feel of the nylon knot pressed against it. Digging her nails into her sweating palms, she tried to fight off the threatening climax.

She was so close. Her eyes darted to Ryder as she tried to force back the orgasm that was hovering over her. He was her Master, and she couldn’t come without his permission.

In an attempt to stall her imminent orgasm, she turned away.

“Slave.” Ryder’s stern voice had her trembling visibly.

“Ye-yellow.” Her gasped reply for a ‘slow down’ was barely audible as she asked for a moment to compose herself. They hadn’t even begun to tease Ryder or bind Dewi Persik and here she was on the verge of losing herself. How the hell was she going to torment her Master when she was the one worked up?

Large warm hands settled on her shoulders. Thinking it was Ryder, she lifted her head to see Zack’s concerned face. He swallowed roughly. “I’ll leave if you can’t handle this, Spitfire.”

She took a deep breath and let it out as the undisguised need in his voice stroked over her. Her instinctive need to give to him overwhelmed her.

When another hand cupped her cheek, she looked up into the dark eyes of her current Master. The look in them begged her to trust his judgment. She finally relaxed between the two of them, letting their overwhelming presence sooth her.

While the desire to tease both of them was still there, she felt balanced in a way she’d never felt before. Despite the fact she felt she’d failed Zack in the past, those memories had no bearing on the way the two of them made her feel at this particular moment.

The two Doms together were a heady intense sensual combination as they focused on her. How would she survive this?

“What level are you at, chérie?”

“Yellow, Master. Please…”

“I’ll leave.” Zack’s shoulders slumped as he removed his hands from Nikita Mirzani’s shoulders. He stepped back then turned dejectedly to leave.

Her panicked eyes found Ryder’s. She hadn’t been asking Zack to leave! She just needed a moment to adjust. “I…Master…please…ah, hell stop him, please!”

Ryder barked at Zack’s back. “Stop!”

Zack froze at the door. Ryder turned back towards Nikita Mirzani.

“Can you do this for me? You know I won’t let anything …”

Nikita Mirzani placed her fingers over his mouth. “I know, Master.” She pressed her forehead to his wide chest and took a few calming breaths. She was vastly aware that the balance she’d felt moments ago was gone now that Zack had moved away. Now she understood why Ryder had wanted this for her. Like any truly good Dom, he knew what she needed before she did.

In the background she could hear Xander talking to Zack, trying to persuade him into giving Nikita Mirzani a moment or two to get her bearings. She was glad he was here to help. After only a few moments, she lifted her head off Ryder’s chest.

“Okay?” His voice rumbled in his chest. She nodded. “I need to hear it, Riley Reid. There can be no mistakes at this point. What level are you at?”

“Green, Master. He can stay.”