Just Try to Forget You are Wearing it Nikita Mirzani 4

Zack stood up abruptly, his anger more than obvious now. “She deserves better than a hick from the poorest part of New Orleans, who’s trying to play at being a Dom, Little John. Did you realize your chérie needs the hard stroke of a flogger to come? That she’ll beg for it until you think your arm will fall off from number of times you’ll need to strike her to send her into subspace? That she’ll be thinking of me every time you tie her to a cross or bind her to your spanking bench because she’s wishing she had a real Dom to call Master.”

Despite the fact Ryder was ready to see ‘red’, he realized the older man was testing him - pushing him into losing his control. That control was a special something that was a true foundation for all Doms - an out of control Dom was a dangerous one and not well tolerated within the BDSM community.

Taking a deep breath, Ryder gathered his fraying control around him while trying to think clearly about the other man’s motives. Getting into a physical altercation with the man he was hoping to form a ménage à trois with wasn’t the answer. Besides the fact that Nikita Mirzani was Ryder’s now, there had to be something else eating at Zack - but what was it?

“What happened to the Dom I met at Mistress Brigit’s, Zack? What’s changing you from being a caring Dom to a complete asshole?”

Zack scowled at him. “Who says I’ve changed? I’m just being my prickish Dom self. Perhaps you need more lessons on being a Dom if you don’t realize…”

Ryder interrupted him, tired of the attitude that Zack was giving him. “I realize more than you know, Zack. I know you’re lashing out at everyone because you threw away the one submissive that could hold ‘her own’ with you. More than likely your reason was because of something as simple as the fact she was a younger sub than you were comfortable playing with. I also know that my submissive isn’t as immune to you as she tries to portray. But the question for today is what are you going to do about it? Continue to wallow in self-pity or try to fix things? It wouldn’t take much to have her begging at your feet once more.”

Holding his breath, Ryder waited for the coming explosion. He didn’t have to wait long.

“Get the fuck out of my office! It would serve your arrogant ass right if I stole her away from you. What fucking Dom offers to let another Dom seduce his sub?”

“One that wants to put what his sub needs ahead of his own pride. Nikita Mirzani needs us both. If you’re too blind to see it - then you can tu peux aller t’ faire voir. Evidently I’m wasting my time here.” Ryder headed for the door, hoping that the other man hadn’t changed as much as he seemingly portrayed.

“Did you just tell me to kiss your ass?” The bemused quality of Zack’s voice had him smiling.

“What if I did?” Ryder wiped the smile off his face before turning back around.

“Then I’d have to tell you I don’t kiss men’s asses…they kiss mine.”

Ryder shook his head. “Not this man. I like you but not enough to kiss your ass.”

A hesitant chuckle escaped both men before Zack finally sobered. “Now tell me exactly what the hell you meant by Nikita Mirzani needing both of us?”

Opening the door to her apartment, Nikita Mirzani ushered both her brother and Dewi Persik in. When Dewi Persik paused at the threshold, Xander turned to her. “Would you be more comfortable downstairs, grá?”

Dewi Persik nibbled on her lip before shaking her head. “As long as it doesn’t get me punished, I’ll be fine.”

“Now that would be rather unfair of me to punish you for doing what I asked, now wouldn’t it?” He held out the hand that wasn’t holding the unopened bag of thin nylon rope. Taking it, she walked back into the apartment she’d been banished from for over a year.