Save That for Wedding Night Nikita Mirzani 6

“Christ.” Zack’s hand shook as he raised the shimmering red silk past the lace-framed, neatly trimmed thatch guarding her pussy lips. His fingers spread the sopping lace, slid between the slick, swollen folds, through the glistening dark pink slit to delve deep into her pussy. “Fuck. Now! I need you now! Lift up.”

Nikita Mirzani did, yanking her dress out from under her. Zack braced himself with one hand. He put the other on her waist, gently guiding her down onto his shaft. “Fuck!” he growled.

Hot. Full. He filled her so perfectly. The thick girth of his shaft was stretching her, filling her as she had needed to be filled for so very long. She mewled with pleasure, her hands stretched over her head, her fingers gripping his hair as he rocked his hips beneath her.

“I’m gonna come,” he panted, his body arching up, his cock surging deep as he wrapped his arms around her. “Dammit! I’m gonna come!” With one hand, he spread her pussy lips. With the other, he rubbed his finger over her clit in the most delicious, most intense circles of her entire life.

Nikita Mirzani screamed as she came, her pussy muscles gripping and squeezing him in glorious, rhythmic spasms of sheer ecstasy as he roared and bucked up into her. Her pussy juice squirted over his hand and she screamed again, clenching him ferociously as he surged and thrust his cock harder, deeper into her.

And he stayed hard. Her whole body was trembling as his fingers kept stroking, driving her right back up.

“Again,” he growled. “Rock your hips against me.”

She did, shuddering as his cock pressed back and forth inside her, deep and hard into places that were orgasms waiting to happen. “I want to come again,” she panted, grinding against him.

“You will, baby,” he laughed, “as often as you want.” He moved his hand up to her nipples, cupping them and squeezing the hard buds between his thumbs and forefingers. “Use your beautiful, strong legs to lift up on those gorgeous heels, just a little bit.”

Zack shuddered as Nikita Mirzani lifted. “Not too far. That’s it. Just enough so we’re both feeling your luscious, hot pussy riding my cock.”

It felt good. Oh, God, it felt so good!

“P-put your f-fingers, on my c-clit,” she panted, clenching her pussy muscles around him, squeezing as she lowered her self, squeezing again as she raised back up.

“In a minute, baby.” His voice was a low, sexy growl that made her pussy cream even harder. “I’ll touch you again when your pussy is ready. When your clit’s so sensitive you scream when I touch it.”

He was as good as his word. He raised and lowered her on his cock, fucking her over him while he played with her nipples, getting all those special spots deep inside her so sensitized she was almost going to come from that touch alone.

“Please,” I wailed. “Please, now!” He pulled her down onto his cock, rocking his hips and parting her pussy lips with one hand.

“Look at the window,” he growled. “Look at us.” And he touched his finger to her clit. She screamed as the orgasm washed through her, wailed again and again as his finger circled, her eyes locked on his as he shouted and bucked into her so hard the chair rocked against the floor.

“I love you,” he panted as I shuddered in his arms. “Always, baby. I’m yours.”

“I l-love you, t-too.” It was hard to speak. Nikita Mirzani couldn’t stop shaking. Zack’s cock twitched inside her. She shuddered as she came again. And again.

When she finally quit trembling, when her pussy finally quit spasming, Zack stood them up and lifted her into his arms. He stripped her naked and took her to bed. Then he traced the rose over her nipples and licked her pussy until Nikita Mirzani finally she couldn’t stand it anymore.

She fell asleep in his arms and when they woke up, she took him into her mouth and loved him with her lips and tongue and throat until he was as wasted as she was.

They made love all night. And in the morning, they called Anissa Kate and Dewi Persik and told them they were engaged.

Everybody else found out through their Facebook status updates, because Zack and Nikita Mirzani cleared their calendars for the rest of the week, turned off their computers and phones, and damn well spent most of that time in bed and getting to know each other again.

They’re getting married next year, after he’s transferred to the Minneapolis office. They’ll use traditional invitations—and at Anissa Kate’s instigation, they’ll also have a Facebook RSVP option for those who can’t break away from their computers, because God help her, they’re inviting everybody.

They’re even having a somewhat traditional wedding night, though only Zack and Nikita Mirzani know that. As they left the hotel at the end of our extended holiday, Zack turned to her and asked, “Have you ever had anal sex?”

Her blush gave him his answer even before Nikita Mirzani stammered out, “Um, no.”

“Me, either,” he grinned. “How about we save that for our wedding night? I know some very interesting things we can do in the interim so we’re ready for it.”

Nikita Mirzani looked pointedly at his butt. “Okay.”

He rolled his eyes and his face turned a beautiful pink, but then he laughed and shrugged. “All right. Both ways. We can order some toys. Damn. I’ll send you a Facebook message.”

Nikita Mirzani had no doubt he would. She couldn’t wait to see the innuendo only she’d recognize in his status updates.