Suck Him off First Nikita Mirzani 1

The relief Zack felt when he heard Nikita Mirzani’s words was so intense he almost fell to his knees. He wasn’t used to feeling this uncertainty when it came to dealing with a submissive. The need to dominate was still there, but suddenly he felt the need to defer to Ryder. The other man knew the ‘woman’ Nikita Mirzani now was. Surely Ryder would know how to handle her!

“Relax, buddy.” Xander’s voice was calm. “She’s stronger than you think. It was simply the shock of seeing both of you together. Let her get used to the idea then she’ll give you both a run for your money.”

“Yeah.” He turned back around to see Ryder moving away from Nikita Mirzani and her lowered head. Her body swayed as if to follow him when she righted herself. He waited for the jealousy to strike him but surprisingly it was absent. His inner Dom was more concerned about how she was dealing with the situation than being angry that another man was comforting his woman.

Once Nikita Mirzani straightened, her acceptance was obvious to both of them. Xander promptly took charge.

“All right. Zack and Ryder, take a seat, it’s time to get this scene started.” Xander turned to the women. Dewi Persik giggled softly but instantly quieted when Xander frowned at her.

“Sorry, Master. I’m just excited.”

He nodded. “Strip.” Dewi Persik complied as he motioned to Nikita Mirzani to join him. “Come stand next to Dewi Persik, so you can see everything up close. You’re going to be my assistant tonight, since one of the men here has had no previous experience with shibari.”

“Of course.” Nikita Mirzani made her way over to where Dewi Persik was standing, wearing nothing more than a modest thong, in the middle of the room.

“Tonight I’m going to begin with a simple demonstration of the basic harness that I give all my beginner classes. I know this will be review for you, Ryder, but for Zack it will be new. Then once I complete that part of the scene, I will move onto more complex rope work, so that at the conclusion of our scene my little slave will be suspended and hopefully in subspace. Any questions before we start?” He fixed his eyes on both of the men.

After both of them shook their heads, Xander rolled up the sleeves on his dress shirt to expose his forearms. “All right then. Nikita Mirzani, in the top drawer of that cabinet next to the sink there is a skein of hemp rope. Bring it to me.”

She scurried off to do his bidding while Xander gave Dewi Persik a wink before turning back to the other two men in the room. “Crash course here, Zack. There are several different types of rope that can be used for shibari.” He took the rope from returning Nikita Mirzani.

“While Dewi Persik and I prefer hemp or jute…” he held up the rope Nikita Mirzani had just given him. “…other ropes can be used…” Xander nodded towards Nikita Mirzani. As if receiving some unknown signal, she nodded, pushed the cap sleeves off her shoulders, then lowered the top of her dress to her waist.

The stark white fiber of the nylon stood out against her olive skin. The sight was reminiscent of bygone times when men enslaved women and took what they wanted. Both of the seated men drew harsh breaths. She couldn’t help the feeling of mischievousness that washed over her.

She loved the idea she was teasing both of them. “…such as nylon. Although it is good for tying harnesses like Nikita Mirzani is wearing, I wouldn’t recommend using it for suspension because of its slippery nature. Thank you, Nikita Mirzani. You may cover up.”

She slowly pulled the bodice of the dress back up covering the harness before returning to Dewi Persik’s side. Dewi Persik stepped forward. Xander positioned her exactly as he wanted her.

Nikita Mirzani was surprised when he handed the rope back to her after folding in it half and knotting it about a foot from the fold.

“Place this over her head, Brat.” His eyes twinkled before he whispered soft enough only she and Dewi Persik could hear. “You’re doing wonderfully, Sis. If you could’ve seen the look on their faces - they could’ve caught flies if their mouths had opened any further.”

Nikita Mirzani had to struggle not to giggle, but instead placed a sassy extra wiggle in her step when she turned to place the rope over her friend’s head. Let the torture begin!

Sitting next to Zack, Ryder tightly gripped the arms of his chair as he watched Nikita Mirzani help her brother create the rope harness that would be the foundation of tonight’s lesson. The image of his chérie standing next to her brother adorned with the traditional diamonds of the shibari harness was burned into his memory.

His dick was so hard he was surprised it hadn’t burst through the material restraining it. It had been all he could do to stay in his seat and not rip the pretty dress off of her to find out how far down the white nylon harness went.

Next to him, Zack stirred in the chair before he leaned forward to get a better view.