Suck Him off First Nikita Mirzani 3

When her brother tied the final knot and Dewi Persik was suspended several feet off the ground, Xander turned to her.

“She’s in subspace now, Brat.” Xander’s voice was hoarse and his chest, now uncovered, was beaded with sweat. “Do you see how erotic it is for a man, a Dom, to both create and witness this? Do you understand now why Master Ryder craves this?”

She nodded wordlessly before licking her lips.

He gave a sigh of relief. One objective accomplished, “Now unless you want to see your friend climax…?”

“Please, Xander...” Nikita Mirzani knew that it might make her brother a bit uncomfortable, but she really needed to see everything that her friend got out of the bondage. She had to see this through to the conclusion.

“All right.” Without turning to the men sitting behind them, he called both of them over. When Ryder and Zack stood on either side of Nikita Mirzani, he told them in a low voice what he wanted them to do.

“Once Dewi Persik climaxes, I want you two to get Nikita Mirzani’s ass out of here. I may not have an issue with doing this, but I’ll be damned if I fuck my slave in front of her best friend. Do you understand?” His words told Nikita Mirzani how close her brother was to the edge of his formidable control.

Between the planned revenge, then Zack showing up, and finally controlling the entire scene her brother had reached his personal limits.

Both men nodded while Nikita Mirzani wondered how long it would take her friend to actually reach climax when Xander had done nothing remotely sexual to her suspended body. She was shocked when all her brother had to do was reach out, slide his fingers under the rope trailing down her belly and give it a gentle tug.

“Now, sclábhaí, give me what’s my due as your Master. Come for me.” The stern command in Xander’s voice had her own clit tingling when Dewi Persik gave a soft moan before what was obviously a slowly building deep climax rippled out of her friend, affecting all present.

Nikita Mirzani’s breath came faster as she watched her friend’s eyes open. She wasn’t surprised when Dewi Persik sighed her ‘thanks’ to Xander. Nikita Mirzani opened her mouth to say something else but her world suddenly spun as she found herself hoisted over Ryder’s shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

The left cheek of her ass burned when Zack gave it a solid smack before Ryder strode from the room, leaving the other man to pick up her discarded dress from the playroom floor.

“You are in so much trouble, chérie.” The harsh desire in his voice had her pussy tingling and her mouth whimpering. It was the dark promise of his response to her whimper which had her creaming her thong. “For your blatant teasing, not only am I going to punish you, so is your former Master.”

She opened her mouth to plead with him, but stopped abruptly when he smacked her ass.

“You were warned, slave, about your impulsiveness. Maybe next time you’re tempted to try something like this you’ll remember this night and decide against it.”

All she could do is moan inwardly. Like hell I will.

The journey from the playroom to her apartment went faster than Nikita Mirzani expected but after her little show, she wasn’t surprised when Ryder took the stairs two at a time. Even from her undignified position over his shoulder, she couldn’t stop her heart from pounding.

From her vantage point when he stopped at the top of the stairs, she could see Zack following them. With his midnight blue eyes blazing with familiar desire, she couldn’t help but swallow against the lump in her throat.

She knew Ryder wouldn’t let the other man hurt her, but being hurt wasn’t her issue. Her past failure at satisfying Zack was. Even as much as she wanted to, she knew she was incapable of satisfying him.

What the hell had she gotten herself into? She shouldn’t have tempted them when she knew she wasn’t capable of fulfilling both men’s needs but it was too late now - she had to try.

She gave a muffled groan when her sensitive nipples brushed over him, as Ryder slid her off his shoulder. As soon as her feet touched the floor, he pushed her through the door to her apartment.