Suck Him off First Nikita Mirzani 5

“Fuck!” Zack sank onto the futon behind him before grabbing his head.. “I totally forgot about what happened at the Golden Lotus. I didn’t notice any scarring downstairs but with the lighting…how bad was it? Did it scar her emotionally?”

The hoarseness of his voice had Ryder approaching him. Sitting down next to the other Dom, he sighed before meeting the other man’s eyes. He hadn’t wanted to go into this with Zack, but he couldn’t see any way out of it.

“Bad enough, Zack. If I hadn’t had my hands full with Nikita Mirzani, I would’ve beaten that fucking asshole until he wasn’t able to walk. It took her almost three weeks to recover from it physically - and damned if she didn’t try to go back just to prove she was able to handle being under the flogger again.”

Zack jerked as if struck. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. She tried to go back…I’d have beaten her ass for even thinking it, let alone doing it.”

Ryder set a reassuring hand on Zack’s shoulder. “Relax, I caught her before she could negotiate with the owner, but oh did she pay for it. It was only after I thoroughly warmed her ass, did I explain in no uncertain terms that she’d be coming to me in the future when she needed the feel of the flogger. She finally got the point.”

The corner of his mouth kicked up. “I did get the immense pleasure of watching her squirm at work for several days afterwards.”

When Zack’s eyebrows rose questioningly, Ryder leaned forward. “It’s hard to sit still when you’ve got a vibrating anal plug shoved up your ass. Especially when your sadistic Master is sitting not twenty feet away from your desk with the remote to that naughty plug waiting to catch you off guard.”

Zack choked and tried to keep his laughter down. “Oh hell, that’s just evil.”

“While I don’t break out the crop except for serious infractions, Zack, I do have my way of getting through to her.”

The other man stared at him thoughtfully. “And the flogger?”

Ryder knew exactly why the other man asked. Nikita Mirzani had a love affair with the device that simply wouldn’t quit. “That’s rarely used for punishment at all...” Ryder winked at him. “…because she enjoys it too much.”

“So tonight the flogger …”

“…will be getting plenty of use. While what happened earlier tonight did not break one of my hard rules, her teasing not only me but you, could end in nothing other than her being tortured by us in return. So what do you say? Shall we?” Ryder nodded towards the door before standing.

“After you!” Zack’s voice once more held the note of an in-control Dom.

Nikita Mirzani quickly lowered her head when the door opened. She’d been trembling at the foot of the bed for nearly ten minutes. She’d kept time by sneaking peeks at the digital clock on the bedside table.

If they had been in Ryder’s apartment in L.A. she never would’ve known. He had no clocks in his playroom. She couldn’t decide what was more torturous the idea of slowly watching the time tick by or not knowing.

“What kind of punishment did you earn tonight, slave?” Ryder’s hard voice sent gooseflesh rippling over her body. She swallowed and tried to concentrate on his words.

“Any punishment that Master desires to give this slave.”

“And if I told you that your punishment was to go to bed alone and unsatisfied?”

Nikita Mirzani’s breath caught in her throat before panic settled over her. She’d die if he didn’t let her come tonight. Only in the most severe of cases had he made her go to bed alone. “Please, Master! I’ll do anything you want!”

Ryder leaned over and brushed his mouth over her ear. “Including letting Zack punish you? You were a very naughty slave tonight when you teased him - especially when he has no slave of his own to slake his desires on.”

She whimpered but nodded. Even though it might bring back memories she’d rather keep buried, it was better than the alternative. A hiss of pain escaped her when he brought his palm down sharply on the bare flesh of her upper hip which was exposed between two of the nylon ropes.

“That’s not a proper answer, slave.”

She tried to catch her breath. “Yes, Master, if you wanted another to punish this slave, she would accept it.”

“Allow who to punish you, slave?” While she fumbled with the titles in her head, he leaned closer. “You may call him Sir for this scene.”