There is a First Time for Everything Nikita Mirzani 3

When he released her to walk back across the room, the swing swung gently back and forth. She could just imagine the possibilities of this swing. A low moan built in her throat when he grabbed a soft leather flogger off the bar.

She swallowed as her heart sped up. With the way she was trussed up in the swing, with her legs parted and tightly restrained, he could easily use that delicious looking flogger on any part of her body. Her aching pussy was hoping that it would be the first victim.

Her breath caught in her throat and she had to bite her tongue to keep from pleading with him to punish her. When he lightly smacked his own palm with the flogger, she nearly came.

The sound of the leather striking flesh was reminiscent of the first time that Zack has bound her to the St. Andrews cross in this very room before he had proceeded with using his flogger on her willing body.

Fighting to keep a tight lid on her memories, she was barely aware when Ryder stepped between her splayed legs.

“Excellent. Now since you can’t run from me, we’re going to have a little discussion.”

Her eyes widened at his tone while fear washed over her. She knew exactly what he wanted to talk about - what she refused to talk about - for fear of reliving the horrible nightmare of her breakup with Zack. “Let me go, Dom.”

He slowly shook his head. “It’s not happening, slave. While we’re here, we’re going to accomplish one of two things. We’re either going to exorcize Zack from your system before returning to L.A., or have you so addicted to both me and him that you’ll never want to leave and we’ll stay in Chicago.”

Anger was too mild a word to describe the intense heat that rushed through her at his words. She jerked against the restraints. “Let me go! You’re not going to keep me strapped into this thing while you and Zack fight over me. I won’t do it. I’d rather go back to Golden Lotus for another beating than do what you’re proposing.”

He crouched down until he was at eye level with her. “Have I ever steered you wrong, chérie?”

Glaring at him, she was tempted to mouth off to him, and from the look on his face she could tell he was expecting her to do it. Never let it be said that she wouldn’t arise to the occasion.

“No! But there’s a first time for everything, Ryder. Now let me go before my brother comes down to see why the hell I’m screaming my head off.”

A sharp smack of the flogger against the inside of her denim-covered thigh had her drawing a quick hard breath. Regardless of what her mind wanted, Ryder had definitely trained her body to respond to his touch.

“We’re going to take this step by step until I get the results I want, slave. Even I know without being told that you’re merely the shell of the woman you used to be before coming to L.A. The first step towards solving the problem is sharing it with me. No more of this bare bones stuff. I want to hear it all - everything from what made you deliriously happy to what drove you away from him.”

Tears welled in her eyes. What he was asking for would expose her wounded heart - her very soul.

“And if I can’t?”

“Then heaven help you because I won’t be swayed on this, Nikita Mirzani. By the time we leave it will be settled one way or the other. Either I’ll claim you as my own slave - or Redding and I will claim you together. There will be no more half-assed commitment on your part.”

A scream of frustration escaped her. “You asshole!”

“That’s it, Baby, get it all out of your system - then we’ll get started.” Propping his shoulder against the wall next to her, he let her call him everything in the book, knowing the sooner she vented her anger and frustration, the sooner he could start.

Dewi Persik lifted her head off Xander’s shoulder as the screaming coming from the playroom increased. Curled up beside Xander on the leather couch, she wondered if she should go check on her friend.

While she’d only been in the scene for a couple of years, she knew enough to distinguish screams of frustration from those of true pain, but without seeing Nikita Mirzani, she couldn’t be sure.

“Do you think…?”

Xander urged her head back down to his shoulder. “No, you’re not going down there, grá.”

She wanted to protest, but could tell not only by the tenor of his voice but the thickness of his accent, he was very aware of what Nikita Mirzani was experiencing. Perhaps what was happening was something that he and Ryder had talked about when Xander had taken him out in the backyard to show him the gazebo.

“Are you sure, Xander?” She kept her voice soft.

He pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Yes. She’s not in any danger from him. She’s purely pissed off, Dewi Persik.”

She sighed. “Do I dare ask what he’s doing to her?”

“Nothing drastic, I assure you. She’d have screamed her safe-word, if he had. He’s just laying down the foundation for the rest of their stay. One way or another by the time their visit is up, she’ll hopefully return to being the Nikita Mirzani she was before she left for LA… or a close approximation.”