There is a First Time for Everything Nikita Mirzani 4

Wrapping her arms around his waist, she cringed as the screaming continued before growing louder.

“You fucking asshole! Release me! You can go fuck yourself for all I care!”

“Damn, she’s earning her punishment tonight.” Dewi Persik smiled ruefully.

“At least she’s not hiding behind the phony smiles she gave us all night.” Gathering her closer, Xander was thankful he wasn’t in the other man’s shoes. Ryder had quite a task ahead of him to complete. He only hoped it worked or he’d be kicking his own ass for agreeing to the other man’s daring scheme.

Zack shut the door behind him at Sasha Grey’s command. He watched as the older Domme lifted the coiled whip off her hip and placed it on the satiny wood surface of her desk, before sitting down in the plush leather chair behind it.

“Well, don’t stand there, Zack. Take a seat.” She motioned to one of the chairs in front of her.

“I’d rather stand. If you’re firing me, tell me now and I’ll leave.” Crossing his arms over his chest, he tried to fake nonchalance. What would he do if Sasha Grey took away his only outlet?

He wasn’t ready to go back on the market and find another personal sub. Their arrangement worked out perfectly for him. He got to release his dominant tendencies on the clients who hired him for that exact purpose, while not worrying about risking his heart again.

He’d gambled with Nikita Mirzani and it was obvious she’d moved on, if her display in the car was anything to go by. He’d had to tamp down the urge all day to storm over to Xander’s house and kidnap her. She belonged to him - the fact she wasn’t at his feet - had him grouchy and on edge.

When he’d received a call from a fellow Dom who worked with him at Sasha Grey’s club about a possible evening opening, he’d jumped at the chance. Now it looked like his piss poor attitude was going to get him booted out of his last place of refuge if he didn’t do some serious groveling.

“I really could do without the attitude, Zack. How long have we been friends?” She leaned forward on her desk, bracing her chin with her hands.

He let out a rough sigh. “A long time. Sorry about the attitude, Sasha Grey. I’m on edge tonight and it’s not your fault.”

“Come on, sit.” This time her voice was full of soft understanding as she repeated her earlier order. Giving a weary sigh, he sprawled out in one of the leather chairs in front of her desk.

“Evidently coming here tonight, in the mood I’m in wasn’t a good idea.”

She nodded. “Probably not, especially, if you had a plan to work out your frustrations on an unsuspecting sub. As tightly wound as you seem to be, I don’t think Ms. Sarith would’ve been the correct sub for you to discipline tonight. You could’ve easily hurt her without truly meaning to.”

Understanding filled his face at the rightness of her words, but the question was how was he going to exorcise his need to dominate the one person he wanted but couldn’t have?

“Hell. The only sub that actually could handle my mood tonight is across town with another Dom who probably isn’t even aware of what a treasure he has.”

“I assure you, Zack, Ryder knows exactly what he has, or he wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble and effort to set this up.”

He looked up sharply at her words. “Excuse me?”

She stood before walking around the desk to lean back against the edge of it. “He’s taken a lot of time and effort to plan this trip home with her, and I’m not talking about sight-seeing. You left a big wound on Nikita Mirzani when you sent her away. He wants it to be fully healed before he offers her his collar.”

A low growl of anger filled the room. He was shocked to realize that it’d had come from him.

A bubble of laughter escaped Sasha Grey. “Go ahead and growl at me, you big ass, but you know I’m telling you the truth. You sent her away…” She held up a hand when he began to protest. “I know you had the best of intentions, but in doing so, you opened the door to another Dom like Ryder who was more than willing to take what she offered.”

Frustration replaced his earlier anger as he came to the justified conclusion she was taking Xander’s side regarding Nikita Mirzani. “So you’re warning me off of her - just like Xander?”

She shook her head. “No I’m not! Nikita Mirzani is more than a handful for any one Dom. Don’t think I didn’t notice the few times you played with her here that you had to really stretch yourself to keep up with her. She’s a high maintenance submissive. In reality she probably needs more than one master to keep her in line. If she hadn’t gone to California you would’ve worn yourself out trying to keep up with her.”

He immediately rebelled against the idea of being unable to completely satisfy Nikita Mirzani by himself. ”It’s never been a problem in the past. I’ve always satisfied my subs.”

She arched a brow at him. “But I’m not talking about just any sub - I’m talking about Nikita Mirzani. Have you ever thought that, perhaps, she might feel the need to submit to more than one man that she cares about? Don’t forget that there are two sides to every coin. Her need to submit - even to push her master are just as strong, if not stronger, than your need to dominate her.”

He gave an exasperated sigh wondering how much of what she was saying was truthful. Had Nikita Mirzani opened up to the other woman? He needed to talk to Nikita Mirzani.

He had to find out from the horse’s mouth if he was enough to satisfy her, or if she really needed more than one man to be fulfilled. If she did, perhaps it was time to truly let her go despite the fact that he still wanted her.

He stood. “If you don’t need me, I’m going home. You’ve given me a lot to think about, Sasha Grey, not that I thank you for that.”

She motioned for him to go. “I’ll let Master David know that you won’t be returning.”

“Thank you.” He headed towards the door when her voice stopped him at the threshold.

“Zack? My doors are always open and welcome to you. Next time you accuse me of turning you away, I’ll take my whip to your backside.”

He looked over his shoulder at her. “You know, Sasha Grey, I do believe you would.”

Tears spilled over her cheeks, while Nikita Mirzani struggled against the restraints Ryder had placed on her. Other than the one swat he’d given her after he’d first restrained her, he hadn’t touched her.