There is a First Time for Everything Nikita Mirzani 5

Sitting on the floor next to the swing, he continued to watch her with determined eyes while idly running the leather ends of the flogger over one hand. No matter what insult she’d tossed his way or any amount of screaming nothing had provoked him into striking her again, or having him release her from the swing.

She’d even tried screaming for her brother, but he’d told her in a firm, no nonsense but still gentle voice that her brother wouldn’t be rescuing her.

“What if I use my safe-word, asshole? You’d have to release me then wouldn’t you?”

A look of amusement crossed his face before being replaced once more by his determined expression. “Go ahead, slave, use your safe-word! This will only start over again the next time you want to play. Today was the very last time I’m going to take the woman I met in L.A. I want the one who’s hiding behind that stone wall of indifference I keep slamming up against when I get too close to her.”

She cursed long and loud at him, telling him in no uncertain terms what she thought about his ancestry.

“You know if I didn’t know you so well, I would be shocked at your language. Did you curse at him the same way?” Despite the jovial nature of his question, Nikita Mirzani knew he was trying to pry information out of her. She scowled at him.

“Yeah, when he did dumb shit like this to me.”

He stood. “Good, now we’re getting somewhere.”

He struck the opposite thigh from where he’d hit earlier without warning. The muffled feel of pain through her jeans and its lingering warmth had her drawing in a sharp breath as it made her pussy begin to throb once more.

“Master!” Her plea for more went unheeded while he stood there waiting for her to continue.

Taking a deep breath, she wet her lips before slowly continuing. “The first time I chewed him out was because of Dewi Persik.”

“Go on.” Keeping his arms folded over his chest, he waited.

“She’d just begun her relationship with Xander, but as usual, Zack was being an ass by trying to lure her away. Any fool could see that my brother was perfect for her.”

“How did that make you feel, slave?” His dark brown eyes were firm and she knew he expected her to answer him. Glancing at the flogger in his hand, she mentally debated with herself. If she gave him what he wanted, she knew he’d give her what she needed.

Could she risk it? The idea of exposing the part of her that had been hurt by Zack’s actions to another man who could possibly hurt her even worse than Zack had, had her wanting to clam up. But she wanted the flogger he was holding, striking against her skin and bringing the unique pleasure-pain she’d grown to love.

“Ah…angry.” She looked for the approval in his eyes, but when she didn’t immediately see it, she knew he wanted more. “I was pissed that he was sniffing around her because Xander was meant to be Dewi Persik’s Dom.”

She pulled her legs as close to her body as the leg restraints would allow. “I was also pissed that he hadn’t pursued me in the same way when I knew he was interested. He’d…”

The striking of the flogger over the outside of her thigh this time had her arching in the swing. She cried out while looking up into his eyes to see the approval and understanding she’d wanted in his gaze.

“Go on…”

She nodded to herself and realized she could do this part of it. She could give him the story. After all it was nothing more than words. It wasn’t like he was asking for her to go to Zack and demand an explanation of why he’d sent her away.

For the next hour, the playroom rang out with her cries of pleasure and her halting words retelling the story of the first time Zack had bent her over his desk and spanked her. By the time it was complete, she was sagging in the swing while her body was trembling on the edge of what she knew would be a spectacular orgasm.

“Please, Master!” She was nearly delirious with her need for release.

“You’ve done very well, slave.” Despite her need, she could see his eyes were now warm with love and pleasure. Deep inside, his praise overflowed the part of her which wanted to please him with happiness.

She caught her breath when he leaned forward to whisper against her lips. “Now, I want you to come for me.” Without pulling away, he brought the flogger down directly over the soaked crotch of her jeans. Instant nirvana flooded her. She arched towards him as it engulfed her.

When it finally passed, she was vaguely aware of Ryder’s releasing her from the swing to wrap her gently in a blanket that her brother had handed him. He cradled her in his arms while slowly rocking her, offering her the soothing words she needed to recover.

Opening her eyes, she finally acknowledged Xander’s presence. While she knew the fact that her brother had witnessed her break-down should’ve shamed her, somewhere along the way, his quiet entry into the playroom as she’d struggled to give Ryder what he’d wanted, had given her the extra support and reassurance she needed to deliver the whole truth.

When Ryder stood with her, she finally was able to mumble a soft ‘thank you’ to her brother before her Master carried her out of the playroom.