We Could Just Have Sex Tonight Nikita Mirzani 1

“Are you sure about this, Nikita Mirzani?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. Why wouldn’t I be?”

His arms were fixed to the bed frame with two old ties, and she was decked out in the vinyl outfit she had hand-picked with his specifications in mind. Now that the moment had finally arrived, he seemed under whelmed, and she was starting to sweat in the tight-fitting black plastic.

He rolled his eyes and sighed, his back collapsing against the bed, his muscles loose. She was starting to get discouraged. But, she pressed on, banging her pink leather riding crop against her open hand.

Xander didn’t look scared, and there was absolutely no desire in his eyes. Her back, which she had been holding straight in an attempt to look authoritative and sexy, started to droop. None of this was going how she thought it would.

“Xander, I thought you were into this, what is the problem?”

He squirmed against his ties, but not in the way she was hoping. He tried to sit up but couldn’t, and had to settle for an odd, reclined position that almost made she laugh.

“I don’t know Nikita Mirzani, I just don’t really feel like it tonight.”

She sat on the edge of the bed and dropped her fetching whip on the floor. Her knee-high patent leather boots were staring to hurt her feet, and she felt more ridiculous than she ever had before.

“This is all your fault, you know that Xander!”

“I know, baby. I know.”

It was an offhand remark after a silly night of playing the game “I Never” with some friends. It wasn’t meant to be an insult, or at least that is what he said after the fact. There was no maliciousness in his words; he’d spoken them matter-of-factly as he pulled the car into the driveway.

“I think our sex life has gotten boring.”

She didn’t necessarily disagree with him, but she was quick to point out all the crazy things they had done in the past. When they first got together, their nonstop sex sessions were the stuff of legend, and they could hardly keep their hands off each other.

Nikita Mirzani was confident that their sex life was anything but boring. But, Xander was just as quick to point out that their last truly adventurous tryst had been years before. As much as she hated to admit it, the sad fact was, he was right.

He stopped short of saying they were in a rut, but she read between the lines. Adventure and lust had been replaced by comfort and their daily routine, which sadly didn’t have much room for sex.

She always thought it was just a natural part of being together for a long time. She didn’t want to admit that she wasn’t all that thrilled about their bedroom life either, but in her heart she knew.

He didn’t say anything more that night, but his words had sent her on a mission. And, that mission was never to be boring in bed again.

Xander didn’t know it then, but he had unleashed a monster. Nikita Mirzani hit every adult toy and video shop in a nearly fifty-mile radius in search of the ticket to sexy, smutty bliss. Books, DVDs, toys; you name it, she bought it.

They had tried more positions from the Kama Sutra than she knew existed and came away with more than a few pulled muscles. One position, called the “pair of tongs,” nearly put them both in the emergency room.

Some of the toys she picked up scared Xander, but he enjoyed the beautiful glass dildo she purchased almost as much as she did. They rented and watched all kinds of porn, and not just the kind with “women-friendly” plots and stories.

Xander was stoked at first and happily shared his love of hot girl-on-girl action with Nikita Mirzani. But, soon he found that he preferred to watch most of it alone, like he always had before. The DVDs now sat in a pile by the small television on the dresser, neither of them watching them at all.

Their foray into role-playing took longer and didn’t really take hold until after a particularly good time at a Halloween party. She had never found Dracula sexy before, but Xander convinced her to join him in her sister’s guest room, and he turned her from a sexy kitty to a kitty in heat in no time flat.

After that night, Nikita Mirzani bought more outfits to act out fantasies of all types. She chose the naughty nurse; Xander had a thing for lady cops, which they managed to accomplish with the help of a fake nightstick and the back seat of their car on a deserted dirt road.

It had all been passionate and fun and, she thought, completely worth it. There wasn’t a boring night of sex in months, and they both seemed to be enjoying the ride.