You Are Built Like a Woman Nikita Mirzani 6

The sun emerged fully. Zack didn’t look at it. He stayed on Nikita Mirzani, then jumped into the sleeper. He fumbled with his clothes like a teenager, his first chance at sex. Their limbs formed shadows on the back wall of the sleeper.

“I’m hungry.” Zack crouched down in a small parcel at one end of the sleeper, his face turned up, eyes locked in hers. He pressed his face to her clit.

“Oh!” Nikita Mirzani had a few men do this and it made her feel awkward. It was so intense a sensation, and so personal a place. She let out a gasp as Zack flicked her clit with his tongue. She grabbed the plain white sheets in her fists. Her voice overpowered the rise and fall of diesel engines nearby.

Zack’s glossy chin ascended from between her legs, a huge grin across it. “You’re delicious, Nikita Mirzani.”

“I’m hungry too.” She motioned for him to lie next to her, facing the other direction. She pulled his cock to her mouth. The tip was beautiful and silky soft. The thick veins curled like vines atop the rigid shaft, and she could not get enough of studying him, taking him as deep as she could into her mouth then tonguing every inch of him.

Each time she focused on its base and flicked his tight balls, she felt him jerk. He rolled her body onto his chest and split her knees as wide as they would go. His tongue was powerful, insistent, unrelenting. She was overcome by a huge, full-body orgasm, her mouth was slack on his flagpole cock.

Her limbs tingled and her waist shuddered in time. She tasted him again, but again lost control when a second orgasm washed over her. She tried her best to overcome him with her mouth.

When she managed to take him fairly deep, he became still for a moment, but his fingers and mouth were so capable, all she could do was try to keep up with what was happening in her. The words replayed in her mind.

A place where a man can taste a steak in his mind…Oh, the things Zack must have thought while he was imprisoned.

She increased her urgent sucking, and his cock was a dark burgundy color, but it did not yield to her. She orgasmed yet again. She needed control badly. She thought to ask him for it, but this made no sense given their time to date.

She thought of sword swallowers in the circus. She fought past her gag reflex. It took a few tries, but she took him down, her nose brushed his tight balls.

Zack grunted, and his limbs went limp as she worked his cock. She loved it desperately, as if the small window she had created would soon be revoked. Tongue, fingers, palms, lips, a touch of teeth, then back down her throat a few times, and he arched his back, lifting her like she was a feather.

His voice was silent when the first shot sprayed deep into her gullet, and she nearly lost control of the gag reflex again. She subjugated it. He yelled out. His cock sprayed her mouth. She swallowed him whole again, and he nearly bucked her body off.

She held tight to him like a rodeo champion finishing the bronco ride, still in the saddle.

They lay in a heap, nearly still, totally silent. Only soft, restorative breaths.

The cab was brightly lit. “What the hell did you do to me, Nikita Mirzani?”

All that came out was, “No bellyache.”

He laughed and stroked every inch of her body. She had never felt like this with any man. She had never felt like this at all. She didn’t want it to end.

Nikita Mirzani devoured a big omelet breakfast in the diner. The meal in Reno had burned off halfway across Nevada. She wanted this one to last.

Zack sipped his coffee, nibbled some toast, and didn’t try to stop her from paying for both their meals, though clearly he had to fight the reflex. “I’m sure you’ll be able to get a ride up to Nampa. I’d sooner take you, but I got a schedule.” He started for the cab of his semi. He looked back just once.

“Thanks, Zack.” Yes, she was close enough to home that she could get someone to come get her, or thumb a ride north.

She barely heard the words moving away. “I sure will miss you, Little Nikita Mirzani.”

She yelled out. “You never told me where you’re headed.”

“Next stop, Lincoln, Nebraska. After that, well, lot of roads out there. Still got a bunch to discover.”

She walked after him quickly. “Always wanted to see Lincoln.” Truly, she never had given it a thought. She grabbed his arm. “You know, it occurs to me we never did work out our differences about Vietnam, Zack.”

“You might be surprised what I—” Nikita Mirzani put her finger tight to his lips. He grinned. “You’re right. You got your work cut out for you.” He took the suitcase from her hand, walked to the passenger door, and opened it.

She paused for a moment, then smiled and climbed in. “You too, Big Zack.” She folded her hands in her lap. He closed the door for her.