You are Doing it Again Nikita Mirzani 5

Xander nodded. “But you’ve been warned. Don’t hurt her again. Try to give Ryder the respect he deserves, he’s earned it. He’s gone through hell with her and having you try to play top Dom won’t do anything more than piss him off. I won’t back you if you do and he decides to take his frustration out on your stubborn ass.”

Holding the paper in his hands like it was more precious than gold, he gave a weary chuckle. “I do believe you’d do that.” He sobered. “Has he collared her?”

Xander gave his shoulder reassuring squeeze. “No permanent collar yet. But it’s not that he doesn’t want to. The last time he spoke to me about it, he said he wouldn’t give her a collar without making sure she was over you.”

His heart nearly burst through his chest at Xander’s words. “So this is a test to see if she’s over me, so he can claim her?”

“You’re going to have to ask him that, Zack. If I were you I wouldn’t wait too long.”

Closing the door behind his subdued friend, Xander rubbed the back of his neck. Damn he hadn’t been looking forward to this conversation all day. While he’d had time to come to terms with Nikita Mirzani’s reckless actions in Los Angeles, he knew he was sending a dazed and off kilter Zack to pick her up from the airport.

He hoped what he told his friend was enough to shock the other man out of the expectations he had concerning her. He knew his friend had expected that once Nikita Mirzani finally returned to Chicago for good, that she’d fall right back into place in Zack’s life.

Xander wouldn’t have said anything, but he didn’t want to see his friend go up in flames anymore than he did his sister. He’d meant it when he’d said that they were perfect together, but he’d also seen Nikita Mirzani and Ryder together and they were perfect together in another all together different way.

While Zack was intense - possessive even when it came to Nikita Mirzani, Ryder was strong and protective towards her. It was too bad she couldn’t have them both.

They both loved her to a distraction, plus he knew both wanted to collar her, but he didn’t think that Zack would be able to share her with the other man. It was quite a shame since he had a feeling that Nikita Mirzani needed both of them to find her balance.

“Xander?” Dewi Persik’s soft voice had him looking up. He frowned when he saw the tears in her eyes. Holding his arms open, she rushed into them. “I’m sorry you had to do that.”

“You and me both, muirnín.” He pressed his head against hers as her slender arms wrapped around his waist.

“He had to know but it still sucks. It had to come from you.” Her words were muffled as she pressed her face against his hard chest.

“Better me than her. I don’t know what would’ve happened if she had been the one to tell him, or heaven forbid, if Ryder told him.” He gave her a gentle squeeze.

She groaned. “Dear Lord, we would’ve heard the explosion all the way over here.”

He chuckled before squeezing her silk covered bottom. “Speaking of coming explosions, weren’t you supposed to be naked in our playroom and bent over a very particular spanking bench?”

“Ummm…” He could hear her fumbling mentally for a good excuse as to why she wasn’t where he’d ordered her to be.

“…you only wanted to make sure I was okay. Is that why you’re not where I told you to be?” Keeping one arm wrapped around her, he rubbed his thumb over her bottom lip.

He knew her protective instincts towards him made her fret and worry over him and while he understood, he’d had to punish her more than once for being disobedient just because she’d known he was hurting.

It was her way of giving him an outlet for his volatile emotions. While he loved her for it, he sometimes wished she wasn’t so perceptive.

“Yes, Master.” She winked at him.

Giving a mock growl, he swatted her ass with the palm of his hand. “Get your ass downstairs where I told you be, slave. You just earned yourself another punishment.”

Her dark green eyes widened. “Yes, Master.” She turned to leave but couldn’t resist asking. “Do I get to pick out the paddle?”

“No!” He roared as she scurried away. Watching her disappear down the stairs, he shook his head and sighed with anticipation at the feel of the new flogger which had just arrived.

It was time to break it in on her tempting little ass. He thanked the gods every day for his sister’s fateful late night call. Without it he’d have never found his perfect slave.