You Have to Face Your Demons Nikita Mirzani 1

The sound of the stewardess’s voice announcing it was time to fasten their seatbelts jolted Nikita Mirzani out of the light doze she had fallen into after they’d taken off. Beneath her cheek she could feel the warmth of Ryder’s shoulder.

Other than Zack, he had one of the warmest bodies she’d ever experienced. What was it about her attraction to men that produced such massive amounts of body heat?

It was one of the few ways Ryder reminded her of her former lover. His arm which had been wrapped around her moved, and she instantly mourned its loss.

Her shoulders felt cold and bereft with his warmth gone. Sitting up she rubbed her eyes before fumbling for her seatbelt. Glancing out of the plane’s window after securing the belt, she took in the familiar landscape surrounding O’Hare International Airport.

She turned away from the view and immediately noticed the damp spot where her head had been on Ryder’s shirt. “Oops, I got you wet again.” It was a common occurrence anytime she laid against him for any length of time.

The memory of their damp skin pressed together during ‘aftercare’ had her breath catching in her throat. No matter how hard he employed the paddle, whip or flogger on her tender flesh, he always held her close after their inevitable fucking.

It made her feel more than just another willing body, because she felt he actually cared about her as a person. She looked up to see Ryder’s dark eyes darkening with remembered desire. “I love it when you get me wet, chérie.”

“Seat belt check.” The perky voice of the stewardess had her retort dying in her throat.

Nikita Mirzani looked up at the stunning blonde wearing the dark uniform of American Airlines. She knew from experience the stewardess was just doing her job, but she couldn’t help but blush at the underlying sexual current in their conversation, or the prominent bulge that the buckle of his seatbelt seemed to draw attention to.

Also knowing he was remembering the same thing as she, made it impossible to watch when the stewardess slipped her fingers under the buckle to check for its fit.

“Good and tight.” The woman’s cloyingly sweet tone had Nikita Mirzani wincing. She glanced away. She didn’t think she could stand to watch the other woman fondle Ryder. A weak flare of panic consumed her, despite Ryder’s constant reassurances in the past.

He’d never encouraged another woman in her presence despite the fact she did not wear his collar. She was hoping that if he decided he wanted to start a new life in Chicago, she would still be part of it.

“Well I’d hate to fall out if something happened.” Even though Ryder’s low Cajun drawl had her skin tingling with need as always, she knew being flirtatious was part of his charm.

She’d seen him use it on both men and woman in L.A. It seemed like hardly anyone was immune to it. He could talk his way into any woman’s pants to satisfy the hard cock pressing against the tight crotch of his chinos.

“Relax, chérie. You can take care of it once we get home.” His knuckles brushed over her cheek bone before taking her hand to cover his obvious erection.

She couldn’t help but gently squeeze him. She knew every inch of his body and exactly how he loved to be held. Even his enjoyment in exhibitionism held a special place in her heart. As long as it pleased him, she’d do it without question.

“Well, I never!” With a huff the stewardess moved further down the aisle at Ryder’s blatant lack of response to her obvious charms.

“I’m sure she hasn’t but you have, haven’t you, chérie?” Pressing his mouth against her ear, his tongue brushed over the inner whorls of her ear, leaving streaks of damp heat behind. Without thought, she squeezed him harder, loving the way his hips gave an involuntary buck towards her.

“Yes…” She fought to keep from moaning when he nipped the edge of her ear with his teeth. This was all part of his usual game. He loved to torment her in public, knowing she couldn’t do anything other than stroke him through his clothes.

Her need to please him had been one of the founding blocks of their relationship. It had amazed her in the beginning. The familiar need to challenge him as she had Zack was surprisingly absent, however, in its place was the desire to submit to the man who’d rescued her.

She knew a simple request was all that was needed for him to give her what she what she desired. He might make her wait for her pleasure as any true Dom would, but she didn’t have to challenge as she had to with Zack to get the same results.

In return for his generosity, she’d felt the need to give him anything he wanted. Every thing within her power was his for the asking. Even arousing his body until he almost threatened to split the seams of his pants in front of the whole wide world, if that was what he wanted.