You Have to Face Your Demons Nikita Mirzani 2

The sound of the wheels striking the tarmac had Ryder pushing her hand away from his cock then lifting her fingers to his lips. The brush of his well-trimmed mustache tickled.

While his face was still composed, and to any other person he looked like any other passenger on the plane, the slight elevation of his breath and the solid outline of his erection told another story. He was vastly aroused but didn’t care who knew.

It still amazed her how open he was about his sexuality. He could care less what others thought about it. He’d told her many times, “if they didn’t like what they saw, they shouldn’t look.”

“Looks like you’re going to have to face your demons, sooner rather than later, chérie.” Ryder’s protective presence at her back reassured her as she watched the tall blond man she’d left behind approach them.

She hadn’t seen him since the collaring ceremony between her brother and Dewi Persik. He still looked great to her starved eyes despite the disheveled appearance of his tawny hair. It was obvious he’d been running his hands through it.

She’d hoped that his effect on her had worn off, but by judging her racing heart, it obviously hadn’t. She glanced over her shoulder at Ryder. How had he known that Zack was going to show up at the airport?

He leaned forward to whisper to her. “I would’ve done the same thing, if I were in his place. Of course, your brother texted me just before we landed to tell me to expect him. You need to face him sooner or later, chérie. I’d rather get it out of the way.”

Fury built inside her. How dare her brother and Ryder decide that she needed to confront her past with Zack? Couldn’t she even have a small respite before she had to face this? While she’d given Ryder certain rights she hadn’t thought he was going to push her this hard - this fast.

“And if I refuse?” Her voice was pleading.

She felt rather than heard the sigh which escaped him. She knew that her refusal to do anything more than give him the bare bones about what had occurred between her and Zack had irked him. “Have I ever maliciously hurt you or ignored your limits?”

She shook her head. If truth be known, she had always begged him to push her further.

“Then trust me, chérie. Let’s get this out of the way, so we can go home and finish what you started in the plane.”

With his promise of forthcoming pleasure, she took a deep breath to calm her still racing heart when Zack stopped about ten feet away from them. She could do this. She could be cordial and polite to the man who’d broken her heart. Ryder had her back and he had promised he would protect her.

“Hello, Zack.” She was amazed she could keep her voice calm and steady.

“So my little Spitfire has finally returned home.” His mouth turned up in a soft smile.

Stiffening, she moved back closer to Ryder trying to ignore the longing in his words. “Thank you for picking us up.” Holding Ryder’s hand for reassurance, she introduced the men. “Ryder, this is my brother’s friend, Zack. Zack, this is Ryder Patrick.”

Zack nodded slowly and seemed to scrutinize the man behind her. Did he know what Ryder was to her? While she wasn’t wearing his collar, Ryder was very possessive about letting other men near her.

Images of the two men fighting in the middle of the airport had her mentally cringing. She wasn’t sure how to handle this. Frankly she hadn’t expected to have to deal with this whole situation so soon.

“Why don’t you go get our luggage, Nikita Mirzani?” Ryder’s voice was firm while his eyes remained on Zack.

“I…” She hoped her unease at leaving the two men alone didn’t show on her face.

“Go, everything will be fine, chérie.”