You Have to Face Your Demons Nikita Mirzani 6

Leaning over her body, he pinned her to the couch. “I should warm your ass until you can’t walk, slave. That was a very foolish even dangerous thing for you to do.”

“You promised to protect me, Master.”

He growled against the side of her neck. “Including from yourself, silly girl! When you decided to taunt the a man who wants you to the point of madness, you’re being no smarter than your foolish disregard for your well being the night you decided to go to the Golden Lotus. While I would’ve protected you if he’d so much as tried to hurt you, it still was very foolish to tempt him in the first place. So I’m going to leave your method of punishment up to you. Which is it gonna be, the belt or flogger?”

She bowed her head to make her choice. “The flogger, Master.”

“Don’t move.” His weight lifted off her back.

Standing next to the bed, Ryder opened the small bag nestled inside his suitcase. While he hadn’t brought much as far as toys from his vast collection, he’d hoped that while they were here, he’d get a chance to use Zack’s toys on Nikita Mirzani’s willing backside.

While he had no sexual desire for the other man, he desperately wanted to share Nikita Mirzani with him. He just knew Zack was the perfect foil for his own types of dominance. Zack would fill the empty area both he and Nikita Mirzani felt. Ryder had a sixth sense for this kind of thing.

His grand-père had once said, that once a man met his destiny, he’d long for it for all eternity if he didn’t grab it with both hands and never let go. Old grand-père hadn’t been wrong. He wanted Zack to help dominate Nikita Mirzani, since the first moment he realized who Nikita Mirzani was and what she could become to both of them.

To have Zack at his back, making sure she was so satisfied she would never endanger herself needlessly, would be a dream come true. He could think of no other man who would be more perfect for the job. It just felt right.

Although after witnessing the display downstairs, he wondered what had happened to Zack’s legendary control. The other man had played a big part in Ryder’s realization that his need to dominate his lovers wasn’t a dirty thing to be hidden.

While it was obvious that Zack didn’t remember the young eighteen year old bouncer he’d briefly taken under his wing, Ryder had never forgotten the man who’d literally set his world on its ear.

After Zack had left the BDSM scene in New Orleans, Dom had plunged in with both feet by signing up for Domination classes at the very same club where he’d first seen Zack in action. Now he had one of Zack’s former subs waiting in the living room to be flogged. The irony of it all didn’t escape his notice.

Damn, he’d hoped that this first flogging here in Chicago would’ve come at a different time, but alas his little sub was too impulsive with her physical well being.

While it wasn’t the stellar beginning he’d hope to achieve when he’d spoken to Xander on the phone about the possibility, he knew he had time. He had at least six weeks to convince both Nikita Mirzani and Zack that it wasn’t a duo they needed - but a threesome.

Keeping her ears perked for any sound of movement, Nikita Mirzani grew more impatient each moment she had to stay bent over the back of the couch. Where the hell had Ryder disappeared to? She was just getting ready to shift when she heard him return.

“What is the agreed upon punishment for your blatant lack of self-preservation, slave?”

“Eight strokes, Master.”

“Correct. Count them off for me.”

She heard the whistle of the flogger being swung through the air. A dull thwacking sound of it hitting its mark had first pain followed by familiar pleasure washing over her.

“One, Master.” She gritted her teeth as his hand flew back while she counted each blow as it came faster than the previous. It was obvious by his rhythm and forcefulness he wasn’t playing around - he was truly unhappy about her earlier actions.