You Have to Face Your Demons Nikita Mirzani 7

She sobbed not so much with pain but anguish that she’d let him down once more. When was she ever going to learn how to control her impulsiveness?

“…four, Master…five, Master…six, Master…seven, Master…eight, Master.” As the last blow fell, she dug her fingers into the cushions. Laying across the couch with her tears running down her cheeks, she tried to bring herself under control.

“What level are you at, slave?” Ryder’s voice was tense. She knew he hated punishing her, even if it was for her own good. This wasn’t the same as the times she asked to be punished. This pain had its purpose - to correct her bad behavior. She’d didn’t have to like it and neither did Ryder. It was nothing more than a teaching tool.

“Green, Master.”

“Good.” She felt the heat of his body behind her and then the brush of his lips and mustache against the reddened skin of her ass.

“I’m sorry, Master. I’ll do better.”

“I know you will.” Picking her up in his arms, he moved around to the front of the couch. “This is the first time in several months that you’ve done this. Talk to me, Nikita Mirzani. What was it that triggered it? You’ve been doing so much better.”

Nestling her head against his shoulder, she sighed. “It’s him, Ryder. Zack just pushes my buttons. I wanted him to see what a mistake he made by sending me away.”

Gathering her closer, Ryder pressed his head against hers. “Believe me, chérie, he knows the mistake he made.”

He continued to hold as until they both calmed down. A sigh escaped her before she wiggled against him. The fading burn on her ass now had a different affect. Their ‘coitus interruptis’ had done nothing to stem her desire. In fact now that her punishment had been dealt with, she found herself needing to beg the man holding her to fuck her brains out.


“Hmmm.” His breath ruffled her hair.

“Now that my punishment is out of the way, can we…”

“Up.” He pushed her off his lap. The rasp of his zipper was loud. She licked her lips as his cock popped out. He wasn’t as violently aroused as earlier, however she knew it wouldn’t take much delicious encouragement to change that.

Crawling forward on her knees, she took a leisurely lick over the head before cradling the length of him between her fingers. A low moan hissed from between Ryder’s teeth as she brought him back to raging hardness with a few slick movements of her mouth.

“Enough!” His grunt had her freezing before she was dragged up his body. Arranging her astride his lap, he hissed at her, “Ride me, slave. I want to see those pretty tits bouncing.”

She whimpered in both pleasure and pain as she sank down on him until her tender bottom touched his thighs still covered by chinos. His breath ruffled her hair as the heat from her ass had her moving quickly on him.

She’d never felt anything better than having a hard cock inside her while her ass was pleasantly warm. The heat left behind from the flogger had her already on the ragged edge of coming.

“Can I come, Master?” Her voice broke as his hips surged off the couch.

He stilled her hips with his large hands. “Not yet. Look at me.”

She opened her eyes to stare into his dark eyes.

““Next time, I won’t stop him, Nikita Mirzani. He’ll be up here with us. He’ll have an equal chance to brighten that ass of yours if you’re foolish enough to not stem that impulsiveness of yours.”

Before she could protest or moan at the thought, her world went dark when her orgasm struck without warning. The image of both men applying the flogger to her ass flickered behind her eyes and she was helpless against the overwhelming pleasure it brought her.