Be a Princess in My Heart Nikita Mirzani 4

Zack doesn’t seem to notice her efforts. His grin is wicked and Riley Reid find she like it. He chuckles low in his throat and rubs his hands together. “Time to eat.”

The combination of his smile, his red eyes and the yellow hue of his teeth suddenly creates an unknown reaction in her. She stop breathing. Eat or eat her?

Either way her heart speeds up in anticipation. The Oracle told him she will submit. She can’t blow this. Nikita Mirzani spread her legs wider, ready for him, hoping this is the kind of eating he is referring to. It might hurt a little if it’s not.

“What is this?” he asks.

Nikita Mirzani look between her outstretched legs, beyond the brown overgrown thatch of pubic hairs. “Um, sorry I forgot to shave. I would have if I’d known I was going to meet my life-mate today.”

She run a hand over the two-week-old hair growth on her legs. “These too.” Despite her efforts to hide her embarrassment, she blush, feeling the heat creep across her face.

His eyes dance from her overgrown thatch to her legs and back to her thatch. “No, this.” He reaches forward and tugs out a piece of paper that was stuck between her ass cheeks.

Her breath gets caught in her throat. She feel the skin over her neck and chest start to erupt in small hives. She is not making a good impression above or below her waist. Shit.

“It’s part of a toilet seat cover.” She nod her head toward the wall where they are hung. “I didn’t want to catch anything from sitting on the bare toilet,” she mumble. “Sorry, it must’ve gotten stuck when I stood up.” This is just another confirmation that she should start working out as soon as possible.

He lets the paper drop from his hand in dismissal. “No need to explain yourself. I like a woman who protects herself. It means that you are smart and cunning.”
She shudder with anticipation. He puts his hands on her thighs and she shake. His warm caress makes her instantly wet. He growls ferociously, digging his fingers into her dimply thighs. She can’t wait any longer. Her mouth drops open into a moan as he heads straight for her clit, his tongue outstretched.

His head hits into her stomach so hard it hurts. He turns his head to the side and tries again. His forehead presses painfully against the roll of flesh surrounding her abdomen. Grunting, his tongue swipes back and forth through the air.

“Wait, let me…” she thrust her hips forward, arch her back and raise her arms over her head. She is successfully stretched out. She think she resemble a snake, all long and skinny.

“Thank you,” he replies. “It’s beautiful.”

Her clit is jutting out, it’s thicker and longer than normal. She know this because her OB/GYN has told her so. He said something about it being just two inches smaller than his penis. She didn’t know if she should have been happy or sad at the time.

But Nikita Mirzani is happy now. He dives back in, his warm tongue swiping at her swollen clit. Her body shivers at his touch. His tongue is so wet, soft and tantalizing. He lashes her with his tongue, over and over again. She throw her head back, slamming it on the mirror.

“Ouch,” she say, as birds fly and tweet around her head.

“Mm.” He moans.

Nikita Mirzani start to feel lightheaded. But she can’t stop him. He’s engrossed in his newfound toy. She bite on her lower lip, ignoring the throbbing in her skull. Her body spasms as his soft lips latch onto her clit and he sucks with pure abandonment.

“Oh fuck! Where did you learn that?” She breathe out in heavy pants. He feels so wonderful.

He looks up to me with a twinkle in his eyes. “I’ve sucked cocks before.”

She stiffen. Did he say he sucked cocks before? Not cock as in singular but cocks as in plural?

“You taste so delicious, my sweet. I can’t wait to take you to my home planet where I will treat you like the queen you are.”

His mouth is glistening with her juices. She relax a little. Maybe our races have different terminology for cocks and clits?

He hums and moans all over her clit. She relax more, letting the wayward thought go. Her eyes roll back in her head as he adds a finger to her dripping pussy.

“Yes! Man’Lorian! Yes!” She yell as he begins to slide his finger in and out at a pace so slow that it’s dizzying. My body feels so alive. I want him to go deeper.

“Zack,” he mumbles.