Be a Princess in My Heart Nikita Mirzani 5

Nikita Mirzani pump her hips against his digit, riding him. “Oh yes, Zack!”

He releases her clit. His finger is in her pussy up to the knuckle. “My name is Zack.”

Nikita Mirzani grow hot from embarrassment again. She have to get his name right, especially since he’s her life-mate. “Sorry I misheard you.”

She is looking at him through half-lidded eyes. This makes his teeth appear very bright under the fluorescent lights. She open her eyes a little wider to get rid of the eerie effect.

He dives back in for a second helping. She is so wet and hot. She need to come and she want to come on his plush, red lips. No one has ever sucked on her clit as he’s doing now and it feels too good.

Her ex-boyfriend had always bypassed it, stating he had an aversion to dick. Nikita Mirzani wrap her legs around his neck, squeezing him. His tongue penetrates her and she squeeze harder.

“Oh yes! Lick my pussy!”

He licks frantically. His tongue dives in deeper, caressing her walls. She feel her juices dripping down her ass. His slurping makes her wetter, hotter. She buck against his face. She need him to go deeper. She grab the back of his head, pushing it deeper.

She feel him struggling but the need inside her won’t let him get away. His tongue has stopped stroking her slit and clit. His hands are on her knees, trying to push away.

“No, no,” she yell, grinding on his nose.

He pinches her thighs. Hard.

She release his head and neck. He backs up with his hands outstretched.

He pants in heavy breaths. “I couldn’t breathe.”


He looks around the bathroom. She get the fleeting feeling that he’s looking for an escape.

“No, please don’t go.” She is begging him, legs splayed open, dangling off the bathroom sink. “Let me take care of you.” She drop from the sink. Her ankle twists a little as she hit the floor.

Don’t fuck this up. She grimace in pain. But it doesn’t matter, she run into his arms, holding him tightly. He’s her ticket off this planet. She have to do whatever she can to seal the deal.

He pushes her back and places his wet lips on hers. Her senses are immediately assaulted with the taste of…her pussy. She have never been into girls and the vomit in her throat serves as a confirmation.

She pull away and wipe her lips. She can’t get the pussy juice off her soon enough. She go to the sink, grab a paper towel and begin cleaning off her face. This is gross on so many different levels.

Nikita Mirzani catch his face in the mirror. He’s standing behind her looking confused and gorgeous. She turn around and lean against the sink. “Um, you said you were going to claim me?”

His face brightens as if he’s remembering why he’s here. “Yes. I need to claim you, my sweet.”

Oh yes! The moment is here. She is ready. She grab for her clothes on the floor. She feel the intense need to dress as quickly as possible before he leaves her.

With a firm hand, he stops her from wiggling back into her underwear. “Wait. Before I can take you through the portal that combines our two worlds, I need to claim you as mine.”

With one foot in her underwear she realize that she’ve fucked men for a promise of a steak dinner. She can do this for a start of a new life. She kick back off the black underwear. They land across the bathroom and hit the wall.

“I’m ready.”

He smiles and drops his pants. Her smile slowly fades away. It’s so…small. She shcock her head to the side. Maybe a second cock will grow out of his belly? Maybe this is his starter cock?

“Is that, umm, going to get bigger?” She ask as politely as she can.

He looks down at his tiny penis. “I know this might be more than you are accustomed too, but my brothers have promised me that in time you will get used to its size and thickness.”

Nikita Mirzani can’t help the disappointment that is spilling over.

“Come, my sweet.” He holds his arms out to her. “Let me shower you with love and affection.”

She take the necessary steps toward him. The idea of showering her with love and affection, not to mention that she’ll be a princess on his planet, urges her forward the last step.

He wraps her tightly in his arms. His muscled body and smooth skin feel so good pressed against hers. He rubs the back of her head and she melt into him.

Knock, knock, knock. “Who’s in there? There’s a line forming out here!”

She close her eyes, willing the people outside away. Knock, knock, knock. “Open the damn door!”

“Don’t fucking ruin this for me!” Nikita Mirzani yell back, unable to contain her anger.

“Let’s hurry,” he says.

He turns her around so fast she almost fall over. He pushes her head down so it’s four inches from the toilet seat. She brace against the seat with her hands, disgusted by the dirt and grime that rim the bowl. She exhale and start to think of how great her new life will be.