Be a Princess in My Heart Nikita Mirzani 6

Behind her Nikita Mirzani feel Zack groping and fondling her pussy. She feel him enter her and perk up. His cock isn’t as little as she thought. It did get a little bigger. He slips out of her. “Now that I’ve readied you with my finger, be prepared for my massive cock.”

Nikita Mirzani close her eyes. Maybe he can claim her with his finger? She feel his hands gripping her hips tightly. His hips beat into hers. He grunts and pulls her ass back to meet them. Her titties begin to swing uncontrollably underneath her. He moans loud and hard.

Are they fucking? He grunts as his nails dig deeper into her skin, painfully, almost breaking through. A fat drop of his perspiration hits the middle of her back and rolls in a path down her spine. Yep, they are fucking.

Nikita Mirzani moan along with Zack. She can’t mess this up. She can get over fucking a small dick every night. She is going to be a princess. She begin to wonder what people will call her.

Princess Nikita Mirzani? No. she’ve always hated her name. Maybe Princess El? No, too much like a dude’s name. Princess Nora? She think a little longer about it as he’s slapping away behind her. She forget to moan and start up again.

Princess Beyoncé? Nikita Mirzani smile and giggle a little. She do like the sound of that.

“Oh yes, my mate! I will claim you! I will take you home with me!” he yells.

She snap back to the situation at hand. Princess.  It feels as though he’s stuffing a soft sausage in her pussy. Nothing is penetrating her opening. Frustrated, she reach underneath her stomach and rub her clit. This is something that she think she’ll need to get used to on her new planet. She wonder if he’ll let her go back to her apartment to get her sex toys.

He tugs on her hair, jerking her head up to look at the ceiling. “Yes, your pussy is so wet!”

Nikita Mirzani rub vigorously on her clit. Although she can’t feel what’s going on in her pussy she do feel the tingling sensation that’s surrounding her clit. Her clit is hard and needy. She rub and rub, fast as she can go. Biting her lip, she feel her legs begin to weaken and shake.

“You are so beautiful. I am the luckiest male in the galaxy!”

Her heart beats faster. Nikita Mirzani is so lucky as well. She think in time she’ll love him.

Pound, pound, pound! “This is the manager! Open the door or I’ll call mall security!”

She turn around to peer at him. His crimson eyes are watching her. His face is distorted from pleasure. “Hurry, Zack! If they catch us they’ll take us to jail.”

She is nervous and scared. Does he have enough money to bail them out of jail? She cannot go to jail! She must go to his planet.

He pulls her up and whips her around again. “Hurry! We don’t have much time.”

“I know, should we—”

He silences her with a finger on her lips. The same finger that was in her pussy moments before. Her nose wrinkles.

“On your knees, it’s the only way.”

“But shouldn’t we go?”

“We will. You must drink my come in order to transport.”

She look around warily. Her ex-boyfriend and boss have both complained that she is a starter, not a finisher. He looks at her full of concern. “Are you having second thoughts, my sweet?”

“No, it’s just that…um…men don’t taste very good.”

“Oh do not worry about that. The great Oracle has said that my one true mate will love my come. It will taste like the finest of fruits to her.”

She think for only a second. What the hell. Nikita Mirzani drop to her knees and take his miniscule cock between her lips. Holding onto his knees, she pump on it. Deep-throating it would be too generous a word. She work hard on his nub.

His hands are on the back of her head, pressing her close to his groin. His hips are pumping against her face. His pubic hairs are tickling her nose. She cup his balls, milking them away from his body. At least they are big and strong. She’ve never been a balls girl, but she think she might turn into one considering.

“Yes! Yes!” he yells. “Only a few more minutes until you receive my mating come! Suck, my sweet, suck!”

Nikita Mirzani suck harder. With newfound optimism, she suck like she’ve never sucked before. His knees begin to shake. Her hands begin to slide from his skin as it begins to drip with perspiration. She moan and look up at him. His eyes are closed and his head is tilted back.

“Here I come!”

She ready herself to gobble his load. It squirts to the back of her throat in a warm gush. It tastes so…so…awful. She feel the bile rise from her stomach to mix with his come in her mouth.

“Swallow so you can join me forever!”

Nikita Mirzani close her eyes and swallow. A warm glow surrounds her body. She feel reinvigorated. She feel whole and complete.

He pulls her to her feet and hugs her. “You’ve done it, my sweet. You’ve fondled and gobbled me to release. You are now my mate.” She close her eyes and smile. I’m his mate now. He’s going to take me away from here.

“What is your name?”

She look directly in his swirling eyes. “Beyoncé.”

He smiles and she is immediately dazzled. “A beautiful name for a beautiful mate.”

“Are we leaving now?” She ask.

He looks at her with love twinkling in his eyes. “Yes, you will feel the beam on your body. You and I will both be transported to my space ship. Now close your eyes, I don’t want the transport light to blind you.”

She snap her eyes close. “I’m going to be a princess on your planet, right?”

“Of course, you will always be a princess in my heart.”

“Um, Zack?

“Yes, love.”

Nikita Mirzani feel the warm heat of light on her body and her body starts to feel watery.

“Are you a prince on your planet?”

He chuckles. “No, something better.” She hold on tight as she feel us lifting into the air. “I spend my days watching over the animals that graze our mountains. I am a Haznot herder.”

The thought clouded her mind. “You’re a herder?” She said, unable to hide her surprise and disappointment. He smiled and his teeth shined brightly in the light that bathed them.

Leaning closer, he whispered in her ear. “We will herd together, my sweet, always.”