Do You Crave Our Meat Nikita Mirzani 4

“What the hell?” Nikita Mirzani wondered out loud as the pounding was immediately followed by a slam and a commotion. The door flew open and four more gorgeous studs tumbled into her living room like she’d just pulled the arm on a slot machine and hit the brawny-man jackpot. She resisted the urge to roll around on the pile of men screaming, “I won! I won!”

“Derek!” one of the men shouted as he found his footing again and rose to his full height of well over six feet. Nikita Mirzani stared at the men, who all scrambled upright. They each sported tousled hair as black as sin and dark, brooding eyes, except for one, whose worried ice-blue eyes flitted from her to Derek.

It was all the rest of the Bigshaft Brothers standing in her living room, and she watched them rake their eyes over her naked form, coming to rest on her hand fisted proprietarily around their brother’s dick.

“Bros!” Derek exclaimed. “What’re you doing here?”

“You went out for the last delivery of the night but never came back,” one of the twins explained. “So after we closed up, we came to find you. We thought you might be in trouble.”

“Honestly,” Derek chuckled, “I think I am in trouble. Poor Nikita Mirzani here has been craving Bigshaft sausage. She’s gone without man-meat for so long, I’m not sure I’ve even got enough to satisfy her.”

The brothers eyed each other in a wordless exchange. Finally Declan, the blue-eyed, soft-spoken one, stepped forward. “Nikita Mirzani, we’d like to offer our assistance. No man in the county can handle their meat better than us Bigshaft Brothers and our reputation seems to be on the line here.

If Derek’s meat’s not enough for you, then we’re all at your service as well.” Declan looked around the group and the other brothers nodded their solemn assent. “We vow not to leave here tonight until you’ve had all the sausage you can handle.”

Nikita Mirzani’s ridiculous diet had driven her to the edge. It was time to treat herself to what she’d been craving for so long. She swept her eyes over the five legendary men, thinking it was as if a horn o’ plenty had vomited a quintet of Ellora’s Cave Cavemen in her living room for her evening’s pleasure.

She let go of Derek’s still-hard penis and jammed her hands on her hips, noting that for the first time she wasn’t the least bit self-conscious standing naked in front of male eyes in bright lights. And it wasn’t because her diet had been so effective.

No, she was still sporting enough curves to warrant a danger sign. But she was more than just okay standing there in the buff. She was proud of herself. She felt empowered. Finally she was taking control of her own life. And she realized something shocking.

She liked herself just the way she was and she was ready to take her perfectly imperfect body on the ride of its life.

“All right, boys,” she announced. “I don’t eat sausage without condiments and I don’t fuck sausage without condoms. Don’t move.” Nikita Mirzani pointed at the boys in turn, locking eyes with each of them and brandishing her worst “I’m-serious-don’t-fuck-with-me” look. As she bolted for her closet, she hoped her look hadn’t been too convincing.

She really, really wanted the boys to fuck with her.

When she returned with a cereal-box-sized package of condoms, five sets of black eyebrows rose in unison. Aiden cleared his throat. “That’s a lot of condoms,” he offered, nodding toward the box Nikita Mirzani was tearing open with her teeth.

She pulled out a roll of connected foil packs that unwound in a line stretching to the floor. The condoms continued to unfurl, stopping only when they hit the toe of one of the twin’s worn boots. All eyes followed the seemingly never-ending parade of rubber after rubber. One of the boys let out a long whistle.

“What?” Nikita Mirzani scoffed. “I had a coupon! Plus I always shop in bulk. You should see how much toilet paper I have.” The boys looked impressed. “Wait!” Her voice rose in panic as she eyed the plethora of prophylactics. “Do you think we’ll have enough?”

The boys exchanged glances laced with wicked, unspoken things before Aiden, the oldest brother and clearly the alpha of the group, spoke up. “Don’t you worry, honey. We’ll make do.”

And they closed in on her… Five muscled studs, large and tanned and in possession of delicious sausage secrets shared only amongst themselves.