Do You Crave Our Meat Nikita Mirzani 6

Nikita Mirzani moaned and lay back again, stroking Derek’s rigid shaft as one of the twins pushed his cock into her mouth again. Declan scrambled immediately to her free hand and guided it around his erection, sighing when she squeezed his turgid man-meat and began to stroke.

Declan and Derek fondled her breasts, caressing them and pinching her nipples to elicit writhing from her. But still, she needed more.

“Let me have a turn!” the other twin demanded, and with a curse the first twin pulled out from between Nikita Mirzani’s slurping lips. The moment he’d vacated her mouth, a new cock was shoved inside and she went back to work on this different man, savoring the new penis.

She was going to pleasure every single one of the five brothers tonight and end up covered in their hot cum, utterly ravished and satisfied. Her pussy clenched, desperate for attention, and she whimpered.

Foil crinkled, telling her a condom pack was being opened, yet it seemed to be taking forever. Did these boys not understand how long it had been since she’d had a dick inside her? She shoved the twin who was currently fucking her mouth backward and raised her head to see Aiden struggling to roll a condom over the ginormous, bulbous head of his cock.

“I want every piece of meat you’ve got,” she cried. “In me or on me, and I want it NOW.”

“But what about foreplay?” Aiden looked confused.

“Fuck foreplay!” Nikita Mirzani had lost her patience. “Take your time the next time when I don’t need it so badly. But right now I just want to be fucked good and hard and for a long time!”

“Yes ma’am,” Aiden drawled, a wicked smile breaking across his chiseled face. “But first, one thing.” Aiden pressed his erection to her now-sopping pussy.

Leaning in, he took her face in his large hands, slanting her head and kissing her softly. He suckled her bottom lip and then forced his tongue into her mouth. She moaned into the long, slow kiss, getting impossibly more turned-on than she already was.

As soon as the handsome Aiden released her from the kiss, Declan took over, his blue eyes melting her as he expertly explored her mouth. Then Derek, with an aggressive kiss that had her reaching again for his and Declan’s thick cocks, squeezing and stroking until she was eliciting moans from both men.

Finally the twins took turns kissing her, first one then the other, then the first again. When they finally released her, woozy from the incredible display of affection, it took a moment to get her bearings. Her eyes focused on Aiden, who stood between her legs with his fat cock in his hand.

Without breaking eye contact, Aiden scooped his free hand around the small of her back and pulled her pelvis closer as he positioned his erection at her entrance and shoved. “Goddamn, you’re wet,” he breathed. “I’m huge and I’m not gonna have any trouble fucking you deep.”

“God, yes!” Nikita Mirzani cried as she lay back again on the table. “Cash and Colt, I want to devour your sausages while I’m being serviced. Both of you at the same time!”

The twins grunted in animal sounds and crowded to her face, seeming eager to get their dicks sucked while Nikita Mirzani was being fucked by their older brother. She savored the tang of their pre-cum as she tried to blow both men at the same time.

The boys stroked the lengths of their cocks that Nikita Mirzani wasn’t able to fit into her mouth, the bare heads of their dicks rubbing against each other in their eagerness to find release down Nikita Mirzani’s throat.

At the same time Aiden thrust hard, burying himself deep inside her cunt. She made an incoherent noise, her mouth full of Bigshaft cock. Both Declan and Derek rubbed and pinched her sensitive nipples while she tried to remember to pump their erections with her hands. Aiden began a driving rhythm, pounding into her hungry pussy.

Aiden reached down and rubbed her clit with his thumb while he talked dirty to her. “Nikita Mirzani, you’re a filthy little whore, taking on all five of us at once. You can’t get enough cum, can you? I can’t believe we haven’t all fucked you before tonight.” He rocked into her in long strokes, his voice deep and rumbling with heat and desire.