Do You Crave Our Meat Nikita Mirzani 8

Nikita Mirzani shuddered, her clit impossibly sparking back to life for the third time that night in response to Declan’s crass compliment. He grabbed her hips and moved her up and down on his erection, closing his eyes and moaning in pleasure.

“Nikita Mirzani.” Cash spoke from behind her. “Can I spank your ass a little?”

“Yes,” she gasped, nodding her head enthusiastically.

“Good,” Cash growled. “I want your ass nice and pink when I fuck it.”

“What?” Nikita Mirzani’s voice pitched high in alarm. “Fuck both of you at the same time?” She shot Cash a worried look over her shoulder. “I—I don’t think I can do that!”

Cash smacked her bottom, the sting causing her to yelp. “You can. Remember, no one knows how to handle their meat like a Bigshaft Brother. I know secrets other men couldn’t possibly know, handed down through generations of Bigshaft men.”

“Okay,” she answered hesitantly. “I trust you.”

“If you want me to stop at any time, just say ‘foot-long coney dog with extra cheese and hot sauce’.”


“It’s a safe word. All us Bigshaft Brothers use meat-derived safe words.” The boys all nodded solemnly.

“Okay, got it.” Nikita Mirzani chose not to point out it was more of a safe phrase, and that perhaps a red, yellow or green designation like a traffic light might be easier to remember and make more sense, but she knew nothing about BDSM so she didn’t argue the point.

Cash snapped on a condom and she felt him dribble oil into the crack of her ass. “Do you realize olive oil is an unapproved lubricant for condoms and could degrade the latex, causing the condom to break?” she asked in her sexiest bedroom voice.

“Don’t you worry, baby doll,” Cash answered in a voice just as sexy. “I won’t last long enough for it to matter.” Nikita Mirzani frowned, wondering if this made her feel better.

Declan began slowly moving her again and Cash smacked her other butt cheek sharply three times before pushing the head of his dick against her tight back hole.

The sting of the spanking, the rocking of Declan’s capable cock in her pussy and Cash’s dick now trying to boss its way into her asshole all combined to nearly overwhelm her with ecstasy she didn’t know was possible before she’d picked up the phone this fateful night and ordered the forbidden pizza.

She was fairly certain there was no way that man was getting his big cock into her ass, but he was telling the truth when he said he had some tricks down his pants. Nikita Mirzani never figured out exactly what it was he did back there, but within minutes the sausage-handling expert was easing his erection into her ass.

“That okay?” Cash asked.

“Yes!” She couldn’t believe what the two men were doing to her…or how amazing it felt. “It’s almost enough, but I need just a little more!” She whipped her head around, desperate for the finishing touch to top off her meatstravaganza.

That’s when she saw Derek, her original Bigshaft Brother, standing next to the table with his tortured dick in his hand. Poor Derek—she’d kept him harder longer than any of them.

Nikita Mirzani bent forward, allowing Declan and Cash to move her between them like they needed, one cock in her cunt, one in her ass. “Derek,” she said. “Let me suck you.”

She didn’t need to ask him twice. He was kneeling on the table and had his dick between her lips in seconds. He stuffed his juicy meat in her mouth and finally she was full.

“Oh god!” she screamed around his cock. She was completely filled, every orifice of her body being fucked by the best man-meat in the county. All for her. She couldn’t believe how incredibly satisfied she finally felt, being triple-penetrated by these insanely hot men.

Declan, Derek and Cash continued to fuck her while the other brothers stood around murmuring admiring things about Nikita Mirzani. She felt like a sex goddess.

The boys upped the rhythm of their thrusting and suddenly Cash hollered, “I’m coming! I’m pumping your ass full of cum! I mean not literally, because the condom isn’t degraded enough to break yet, but you know what I mean! Aaargh—yes!”

It sparked a chain reaction as Declan tightened his grip almost painfully on her hips, grinding up into her as he found his own release in her pussy. Nikita Mirzani moaned on Derek’s cock when she shuddered in orgasm for a shocking third time, completely and utterly pleasured by the men filling her with their pulsing meat.

In the throes of her climax she took Derek deeper than she’d ever taken any man into her throat and he held her head there for just the extra second it seemed to take for him to fall over the edge himself.

Derek pulled himself shallow again and filled her mouth with cum. Nikita Mirzani swallowed every drop, relishing the most delicious and epic diet fail she’d ever experienced.

After they’d cleaned up, Nikita Mirzani and the five Bigshaft Brothers sat around the farmhouse table they’d just fucked on and shared the pizza, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Before the boys trickled home for the night, they’d come up with a plan.

Whenever Nikita Mirzani called and ordered an extra-large, extra, extra sausage pizza, the boys would know she had a craving for meat, and as soon as they closed up for the night, the five of them would deliver it, any way she needed it, until she was satisfied.

Later, when she was getting ready for bed, Nikita Mirzani smiled at her reflection in her bathroom mirror. Her best self was smiling back at her, glowing, happy and in control. She was going to make all her own rules from now on. She was now on the “me” plan, and she was very, very happy with the results she was seeing so far.