Keep Your Hands on Strap Nikita Mirzani 7

Nikita Mirzani tried to imagine how things would look from the point of view of the girl sitting there. She could no doubt see that Nikita Mirzani and Hiroko were extremely – and in many ways unnaturally – close together, considering that it was now such an empty compartment.

The ‘Italian’ girl would also be able to see Hiroko’s contented – ecstatic? – expression and perhaps just the long, beige, thin and rather shapeless coat reaching down to the floor. Then again, it was entirely possible that Nikita Mirzani’s rather large fingers were actually pushing out the coat a little at the front!

In fact, Nikita Mirzani was so consumed by desire and so intoxicated by a sense of power in relation to this highly responsive Japanese girl that it was entirely possible, she reflected, that she had pushed her own fingers into a position where their small but insistent movements, movements that were now making Hiroko moan and shudder with increasing frequency, could be observed through the thin fabric of the overcoat!

Nikita Mirzani looked over once more towards the ‘Italian’ girl. She actually had both hands behind her back now, inside her jacket and, possibly, inside her white blouse too. She seemed to be fiddling with something. What exactly was she doing?

Nikita Mirzani watched intently, so curious to see what the girl would do next. Suddenly, the girl’s hands were back on her lap only this time they were clasping… a red lace bra! Nikita Mirzani’s eyes almost popped out of her head!

The girl was still maintaining eye contact, now with a half smile playing on her full, dark-red lips. Nikita Mirzani blinked and blinked again. Had that young woman really done what Nikita Mirzani believed she had done?

Had she just taken off her bra in public and placed it brazenly on her own lap? The evidence of Nikita Mirzani’s own eyes was pretty unmistakable.

She did not know whether to laugh, cry or scream for joy! Instead she smiled at the girl, and the girl smiled back – this time a broad, white, happy, sexy smile that was warm and unashamed.

Nikita Mirzani felt her knees go weak once more and she brought her focus back to Hiroko, in part in an attempt to remain standing! She brought her hand back from between Hiroko’s legs and boldly sought out the girl’s bare belly under her blouse.

From there Nikita Mirzani moved her hand down to the front-hem of the girl’s skirt. Surely the ‘Italian’ girl would be able to see that hand through the cotton of the coat now? Nikita Mirzani did not let the thought deter her – in fact, it seemed to spur her on!

She pushed those large fingers firmly inside the tight elastic of the skirt there and down, down, inside the front of Hiroko’s drenched panties to where it was warmest and wettest.

The girl was shaved there. Nikita Mirzani heard the girl moan quite loudly as she moved her index finger directly onto her clit. The businessman startled and looked vaguely in their direction, only to snuffle once more and return to sleep.

Hiroko seemed to go almost limp now and Nikita Mirzani found herself grabbing tightly onto her waist with one hand while the other made quick and skilled little movements around the girl’s clit, which seemed to swell even more under the attentions of Nikita Mirzani’s sticky fingers.

Nikita Mirzani glanced over at the ‘Italian’ girl once more. She was still staring! She had clearly put her bra in her handbag. But something seemed to be moving under the material of the ‘Italian’ girl’s white blouse.

Hiroko’s moans were getting louder now and Nikita Mirzani intensified the motion of her tired fingers. She could actually feel the Japanese girl trembling in her hands now. Looking more closely at the ‘Italian’ girl, Nikita Mirzani noticed that she had placed one hand discretely inside her blouse!

She seemed to be rubbing and stroking where the red bra had been, all the time returning Nikita Mirzani’s gaze with those big brown sexy eyes! Oh my, that was too much! Nikita Mirzani felt her knees buckle once more, but she knew she was effectively holding up Hiroko now and she could hardly afford to weaken!

Nikita Mirzani was pretty sure that the ‘Italian’ girl could see her hand working away inside Hiroko’s coat now. In fact, she wanted her to see the hand, and she made sure to push her arm forward so that it would be visible moving under the coat.

The ‘Italian’ girl had moved her other hand to the side of her pink skirt now, and she seemed to be struggling with a button there. Nikita Mirzani found herself willing the button to come undone, and eventually it did.

Then another! And another! Nikita Mirzani could now see a slither of white material revealed as the pink skirt parted at the side. Was there something in the air that night? Had the world gone mad? Nikita Mirzani smiled again, and the ‘Italian’ girl shot back another wide warm smile. It really was an electrifying smile that this girl had!

Nikita Mirzani glanced over at the businessman on the bank of seats opposite the ‘Italian’ girl. He looked more soundly asleep than ever. But there was no doubt that this girl was taking a risk by loosening her clothing right in front of him!

Had Hiroko seen all that the ‘Italian’ girl was doing? Nikita Mirzani really wasn’t sure. The Japanese girl seemed to have fallen into such a profound state of shivering ecstasy that Nikita Mirzani was really not sure how much awareness Hiroko would have of any events in the compartment.

At this point, Nikita Mirzani found herself gripped by a strange desire: the desire to give the brave ‘Italian’ girl a treat by showing her exactly what was going on under that beige coat!