My Penis is Your Friend Nikita Mirzani 2

Nikita Mirzani shifted her attention from the bulge beneath the tight shorts that hid his cock from her view to his handsome face when he spoke. Zack looked down, a smile curving his lips. Oh god, he looks so much like Mathew M I’m going to pee myself.

“A little excited, are we?” He had that drawl too.

I’m dying.

She nodded and couldn’t help it when her gaze was pulled back to his crotch. Holy crap. He must be huge.

The penis is my friend.

“What’s your name?” He leaned down and helped her up. She stood and checked her bra for any wardrobe malfunctions. All good. It startled her when he put the microphone in front of her face.

She leaned into it and looked out to the crowd, blinded by the bright lights. She tried to strike a sexy pose and not let her voice crack. “Uhm. Nikita Mirzani.”

“Nikita Mirzani! That’s a stripper’s name if ever I’ve heard one. You’re not a stripper, are you?”


“Want a job? With tits like those you’d sure draw a crowd.”

A shrill voice from the audience rose above the music. “Bitch didn’t play fair! She took her top off.”

Nikita Mirzani found the woman in the crowd and was about to give her a piece of her mind when Zack smoothly cut in. “No heckling now. Ya’ll had a chance and Nikita Mirzani got creative. She wants the lap dance bad. Don’t you, honey?”

Nikita Mirzani nodded and looked at the chair a couple of hotties were putting onstage behind her. “Yes, badly.”

They had no idea how badly she needed it.

“Ladies,” Zack yelled into the mic. “Meet Steve and Nick.” The crowd screamed when the two men strutted and worked it to the end of the runway before coming back to take Nikita Mirzani’s arms. “They’ll get Nikita Mirzani all ready for Xander.”

A chorus of voices chirped from the crowd.

“Oh the bitch.”

“Xander! Dies. He’s so amazing.”

“An’ big, honey.”



“She cheated and used her boobs to get onstage.”

“You coulda done it too, ya know. You have major boobage.”

Nikita Mirzani’s head was spinning. She had used her boobs to get onstage and now she stood here in her bra and tight jeans about to get a lap dance. Penis. Cock. Schlong. Dong. Dick. Oh god…Cockzilla! would be dangled, wiggled and flapped in her face. Could she survive it?

Yes, she would. The penis is her friend.

Steve and Nick prowled up to her and she swore she could hear them growl low in their throats. Nikita Mirzani purred and stared back at them, her dark hair falling over her face. She began to tremble and the closer they got to her the more she shook with anticipation. Within seconds she was the meat in a man sandwich.

Whoa! Eat me, boys.

“How much do you want to be dominated?” Steve looked deep into her eyes. Riley Reid’s tongue seemed to grow into a big wooly sock and stuck to the roof of her mouth. She could just see it. This glorious hunk of man towering over her, ready to sweep her into the world of gut-wrenching, thigh-quivering desire and all she could do was gum her tongue like it was hanging out of her mouth.

“Uh-huh,” was all she could manage.

He smiled and spun her until she was flush with him. Boobs to chest. Hips to hips. Hard-on to pussy. She slipped on his oiled skin and a fleeting thought, she’d need a shower after, popped into her steaming, sex-obsessed brain.

Nick slammed his hips into her ass from behind. Her legs nearly buckled and she stuck her butt out in response, using the two men to keep her upright.

Then they lifted her between them. She prayed they wouldn’t grunt or think she was a two-ton Tessie. They were muscled enough and seemed to handle her just fine. Nikita Mirzani relaxed a little bit but still waited for the big crash to the stage.

“Are you ready for Xander?” Nick whispered into her ear from behind.

“He’s waiting for you.” Steve pressed his lips to her temple.