My Penis is Your Friend Nikita Mirzani 3

Nikita Mirzani’s heart pounded in her chest. She was rocking this something fierce and loving every minute of it. So far so good, no dizzy spell or darkening vision. She was going to get a lap dance and these two hot, muscled hunks were keeping her horny and in a nice burn.

“He’s getting his cock ready for you.”

Her eyes bugged out. Was he allowed to do that? Have a hard-on during the lap dance? Oh, oh, that could be a bad thing for her.

They deposited her in the chair. All Nikita Mirzani heard was the blood rushing in her ears and the throbbing drone of music. She had no clue what song was being played. Her eyes were glued to the two men strutting before her. She knew they were priming her. Fluffing her for Xander. A tremor rumbled through her.


What a name. He must be some kind of Viking warrior or something. Huge, blond, hung, muscled. Hung. Cock. And hung. She could just see him in her mind’s eye and sighed. A tremor of fear rippled through her and she squashed it. No time for that when there was cock on hand. Hard cock. Scary cock. Nice cock. Oh!

The penis is my friend. Get a grip.

I know it’s my friend. Nikita Mirzani screamed in her head. She wanted to drown out her therapist’s words, but she couldn’t. And shouldn’t. She didn’t want to hear that squeaky, mealy voice in her head. She wanted to hear the husky, sexy, man voice telling her all those deliciously naughty words that stood for cock. Keep ’em coming, baby!

She wanted that damn thing so bad. To feel it fill her, in her, bring joy and bliss. Making her shatter apart in a kaleidoscope of colors with fireworks streaking across her sky. She wanted the earth to move. Get her world rocked. Have a cockgasm.

Steve and Nick approached her, shimmying their hips so their sock-covered cocks flapped and waggled before her nose. Nikita Mirzani slid down on the chair until she perched at the end, her legs splayed, and she gripped the seat with white knuckles.

Otherwise she might just grab ’em both to fondle and gobble. Oh how she wanted to do that, have one fill her mouth and feel the weight of the other in her palms.

Cock, big scary…no, nice!…cock. The penis is my friend.

Good God, these guys were smokin’. They blew the lid off the hawt-o-meter. Riley Reid squirmed on the seat, her pussy pulsing as erotic thoughts filled her mind. She panted and pumped her ass on the chair. Cursed with being perpetually horny, she had no trouble getting in the mood and pleasing herself. Trouble came when there was a schlong involved.


Getting off on a big, long, thick hunk of manhood meat was all she wanted and it pissed her off no end she couldn’t do it. Maybe this time it would be different. Her belly was blooming with hot heat, she’d be sitting in a puddle soon if they kept this up. Not that her panties weren’t already wet. Look out Old Faithful, Nikita Mirzani is going to come. Yep, that was the plan anyway.

The hunky boys were on either side of her now. She couldn’t take her eyes off their gloriously muscled and oiled chests. They lifted their arms in unison, flexing those six-pack abs and rolling their hips, making their backbones slide. Man, what a sight to behold. Could those bad boys ever move. She sighed as her gaze roved over them.

Nikita Mirzani looked at one, then the other. Unable to restrain herself, she reached her hands out to lay on their hard thigh muscles. The roar of the crowd took her off guard and she looked up. The women were screaming. Going nuts. Jumping in their chairs, arms flailing around. The sight of bouncing boobies and bellies made her swallow. Is that what she looked like too?

I don’t care. I’m here and I won the lap dance.

She was pinned to the spot, couldn’t move and itched to trace her fingers higher. Closer to the object of her anxiety, desire, fear, longing. Keep your eyes off the prize if you want to make it, Nikita Mirzani.

She focused on their chests, the erect nipples that puckered and begged for her to suck them. Their sleek, powerful physique rippled under the taut, tanned flesh. As much as she wanted to see the cocks snuggled in the silky sheaths, she daren’t.

For if she did, it could be her undoing and no way—no way—was she going to miss out on Xander. Nikita Mirzani fought to keep herself together. But it was so damn hard with these beautiful boys so close to her.

Like they were strapped at the hip, they each straddled one of her outstretched legs at the same time. Steve and Nick pumped and thrust to the music as she lay inert on the chair. Their man-scent filled her nostrils.

Nikita Mirzani trembled at the hot muskiness of it. The fingers she rested on their thighs twitched and she bumped her fingertips higher and around until she had a firm ass cheek cupped in each hand.

The screaming ladies went nuts and it spurred Nikita Mirzani on. She flexed her fingers, gripping and releasing those fabulously toned asses. Then her arms dropped as she felt the dangerous darkness whisper at the edge of her consciousness.

Oh geez!

Her head fell back on the chair and she watched the guys through half-closed eyes. Nick stepped off her leg and moved behind her, pressing his hands on her shoulders. Nikita Mirzani’s arms hung limp by the legs of the chair, fingers stiff and splayed.