My Penis is Your Friend Nikita Mirzani 4

She looked at his upside-down face. He smiled and she nearly burst out laughing. He was reversed and his lovely grin was clownish now. His chin looked like his nose and his mouth turned around. He was a comical mutated form of his handsome self.

Then Steve pressed between her thighs and Nikita Mirzani’s attention shifted to him. The look on his face took her breath away. He licked his lips and stared at her with heavy, hooded eyes. She boiled inside and nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt the brush of his cock on her leg.

Don’t look. Don’t look, she cried inside. Otherwise it would be all over.

“Are you ready for Xander?” Steve asked and all she could do was nod like a stupid bobble-head doll. The sexy, seductive look in his eyes nearly made her choke and she coughed, sputtering on her nearly swallowed tongue.

Nikita Mirzani doubted she could ever be sexy. Honestly, she could be such a dumb-ass and choke on her own spit. Her gaze fixated on his chest, and like her eyes had a mind of her own, they slipped lower, lower…waaaay down. Lower.

Nikita Mirzani got hooked on the thin line of hair that ran down his iron-hard belly and disappeared beneath the edge of his cock-sock. When the contents of said sock moved inside the silken covering, her heart galloped behind her breasts. Oh god.

Thankfully, Steve leaned in, shielding his semi-erect dong from her view. Relief flooded through her but still darkness loomed. He pressed on her. Was that his cock she felt between her thighs?

Oh no. Quick, think of something else or you’ll miss it all.

Even though she had this gorgeous male specimen crawling all over her, Riley Reid had to be tough. If she wanted Xander’s lap dance that she worked so hard to win, she had to think of something else. Distract herself so she would make it to the end.

The antics of getting onstage to see him wouldn’t pay off if she couldn’t keep it together now. Darkness edged her vision. Her pussy pulsed and her clit hummed. Her nipples hardened and the deep quaking in her belly turned her legs to jelly. God, she could come on a puff of air she was so hot. But no. That was not acceptable.

Her eyes still glued to Steve’s magnificent form, thankfully not his banana hammock but his wide chest, Nikita Mirzani zoned out. Lay back and closed her eyes.

She forced non-erotic thoughts into her sex-crazed brain to distract herself. Yesterday, at the dentist. Yes. That would work. She recalled the screaming drill. The pick, pick, pick as the hygienist cleaned her teeth. Spitting out the water and then…oh!

Breath blew along her neck. She shivered and moaned. A deep chuckle reached her ears and seemed like it was just behind her. Gone was her visit to the dentist. Poof. Nikita Mirzani squeezed her eyes shut. Dentist. Drill. Cavity. Hygienist. Pain.

Voices from the crowd seeped into her consciousness.

“Look at her. Just lying there like an idiot.”

“I know!”

“Well, excuse me! But I don’t think she deserves this lap dance at all.”

“Hey bitch, what, you don’t like looking at them? Sheeeit. I could bone them with my eyes all day long.”

“I’d be all over those boys if I was her.”

They were right, Nikita Mirzani realized. She had to look and take the risk. She knew the consequences. That was why she was here after all. To tackle her fear of cock. Before she could refocus, a voice commanded.

“Open your eyes.”

Should she? Yes. No. I don’t want to pass out. What should I do? “Are you Xander?” Nikita Mirzani squeaked the words out through tense lips.

“He’s about to come onstage and I know he won’t want you to have your eyes closed.”

Nikita Mirzani gritted her teeth and opened one eye, meeting Nick’s upside-down one. “Okay?” she asked.

He shook his head. “Both of them, sunshine.”

She nodded and pried the other eye open.

“There,” Nick murmured. “That wasn’t so bad.” And then he was gone, dancing and banging those fabulous hips again.