My Penis is Your Friend Nikita Mirzani 6

His shins knocked on her knees, pushing them apart. The crowd went nuts. Nikita Mirzani fell back on the chair, arms dangling. He was on her. Rubbing her legs with his. Xander’s heat seared her, she was molten, hovering close to eruption. Nikita Mirzani’s body shook. She couldn’t control it. Didn’t want to. She was feeling, with no darkness. It was working!

He rounded the chair now, leaning over her from behind, his hands slipped down her sides to her thighs, his face beside her ear.

“You’re trembling.” Xander’s deep voice reached her through the cacophony of the screaming women.

She nodded, unable to form words.

“I like that.”

Ohhh, la la la la la.

Nikita Mirzani craned her neck, she didn’t want to miss a move. Fairly confident now she would make it all the way through. She better! Her horny was at an all-time high and she didn’t give a shit if she came apart in a mind-blowing orgasm on the stage in front of everyone. No way. But she wanted to see him shake his thang. The penis is my friend.

He strutted out in front of her, brandishing his shield. She watched. His hips banged to the beat and her head bopped each time. He used his shield as a teasing peek-a-boo.

“Do it, baby!” she screamed at him like the rest of the women. “Take it off.”

Nikita Mirzani’s eyes were glued to his crotch. If she could will that damn leather girdle off him she would. He ran his hands down his body. She couldn’t look away. He snapped the top dome at the front of his leather ball bag that cradled his significant package from her view.

It sounded like a gunshot over the music. Brought the shield in front to tease again. Nikita Mirzani moved sideways, trying to look past it. Relief flooded through her when he slid it down this thigh, still swaying his hips in time to each beat of music.

Xander caressed himself. Ran his hands over his bulge, sliding his fingers underneath. She wished it was her doing that and her fingers twitched with longing.

“Eeeeee.” Nikita Mirzani didn’t realize the keening wail was hers and that it grew louder with each popped dome until the leather gaped, showing the glistening, golden satin cock-sock sheathing his hard cock.

Shields up! But he didn’t raise it. He shimmied and shook closer to her until his wonderful, huge, hard, impressive cock was before her face. Nikita Mirzani licked her lips and curled her fingers around the edge of the chair.

The golden wonder filled her vision. Nikita Mirzani’s eyes widened and she nearly jumped clean off her seat when his hands fell on the chair back behind her shoulders. She was obsessed with his shrouded cock as it got closer and closer to her face.

Then her head fell back on the chair, hair cascading about her shoulders. Short, quick breaths were all she could manage when his steely, demanding hard-on pressed against her breasts.

A delicious curl of heat bloomed in her belly. She smiled and reached her hands around his hips, gripping him with all her might. Wanting him closer. She was doing it and laughed out loud as her orgasm hovered oh so close.

Xander bucked his hips and blew hot air down her neck. The moment shattered into a zillion tiny sparkly shards before darkness descended as he shifted lower on her body until his hard cock bumped over her pussy.

A rush of night came at Nikita Mirzani. Dark and silent. Just like her name. She swirled down into a chasm of nothingness. Trying to hang on to her consciousness, she couldn’t and the deep dark of oblivion took her.

Noooo. The penis is my friend.

Screaming female voices reached into her unconscious mind and pulled her out of her black hole. Aww shit. Not again. Nikita Mirzani’s eyelids fluttered open. Xander was facing her. The last strains of music ending on the final bump and grind of his perfect hip thrusts.

Tears smeared her vision of his perfection. But she didn’t look away. Forced herself to watch. She wiped her eyes and held her lids open with her fingertips. God, damn, fuck she would not faint again.

He smiled at her and she leaned forward, resting her elbows on her knees, keeping her eyes propped open. Watching, waiting. It seemed like an eternity until he whipped off his cock-sock and flung it into the crowd.

She stared at it. His huge, hard cock as it bobbed back at her. Jutting out from a nest of golden, neatly trimmed curls. He winked at her and spun around with his Conan shield obscuring his schlong from the rest of the ladies.

It was like he’d done it just for her. Had he known somehow of her fear? A huge smile broke out on Nikita Mirzani’s face. She was cured. She looked upon the scary dragon snake in full rise and didn’t face-plant. Laughter bubbled up and she screamed her glee.

But she didn’t take her eyes off his perfect globe of an ass as she shouted her joy.

Yes, the penis is my friend. At last.