Put Your Hand Down There Nikita Mirzani 3

Nikita Mirzani nodded and tilted her head at Xander. “Go ahead, I want to watch for awhile.”

She was startled at her own words. Even when by herself she’d always had to look at porn a sideways manner. Nope, she is not really watching this. But that damn phone better not ring! Now, there she was, watching it live. And even though they’d only just started kissing, Nikita Mirzani was already soaking through her pants.

He reached out and cupped her breast, rubbed his palm on her nipple. She arched and sighed, running her hands up and down his cross-legged thighs. She knew his cock must be straining against his jeans. She wanted to touch it. She wanted her to touch it.

She kissed his neck, kissed the stubble he hadn’t shaved off that morning. Her lips knew what her lips were feeling as they traced his throat. She wanted to know her lips.

A little unsteadily, she crawled to them. The champagne had definitely had the proper effect, and she giggled as she reached them. Dewi Persik smiled and reached for her hair. Straight, brown, and unremarkable hair, but as soon as she wrapped her fingers in it, Nikita Mirzani felt incredibly sexy.

She pulled her toward her, and their lips met. She wanted to put everything on pause so she could study this new texture, concentrate on the different taste. But her tongue was in her mouth and her hand on her breast, and she could not think anymore.

Nikita Mirzani felt another hand, Xander’s, on the other breast, and she reached for each of them. Literally shivering with desire, she opened her eyes and gazed at Xander. Saw the lust in his eyes. And not just lust for Dewi Persik, but lust for her, something she’d not seen in awhile.

The pause was just long enough, and then we tossed pillows aside and tumbled together, kissing and caressing with abandon. Hands were everywhere, and when, unspoken, they reached the point of removing clothes, Xander threw a couple more logs into the woodstove to help keep them warm.

Nikita Mirzani pulled her sweater over her head and felt lips, his, kiss a nipple while her hand gave her other nipple a slight pinch. Gasping, she threw her sweater over toward the sofa and reached to pull off Xander’s shirt.

Then she took Dewi Persik’s hand and placed it on Xander’s crotch. She wanted her to unzip his jeans, free his cock, and she wanted to kiss her as she wrapped her hand around his stiffness.

She watched as Xander undressed Dewi Persik, watched his cock twitch at the sight of her shaved pussy. She’ve kept all her hair, and soon he is comparing, fingering each of them.

A brief question of “Does he prefer her bareness to my bush?” floated through her head, but as Nikita Mirzani felt him tangle his fingers and give a tug as he lowered his mouth to her cunt, any worries evaporated.

Dewi Persik watched him and ran her own fingers through her folds, slick and shiny wet even in the soft, flickering glow. She reached out and placed a hand on her thigh, pulled her toward her so Nikita Mirzani could rest her head in her lap.

Her fingers gently explored her, female but other. Her smell was different from hers, though she couldn’t describe it. Slowly, she pushed her tongue into the incredible softness that was her. Was that what it was like to taste her?

Xander stopped to watch Nikita Mirzani lick Dewi Persik’s delicious vulva. She played with her labia, folding the lips back on themselves, then pinching them together gently. She moaned and began to grind against her hand.

She slipped a finger inside her, thinking it would feel like when she slip a finger inside her, but it didn’t. She was surprised and pleased, and even more aroused. She added more fingers and stroked her, pressed against that fleshy spot that makes her gasp.

Xander moved closer and soon his hand joined mine. Together they were finger-fucking Dewi Persik, and she was bucking against them. Nikita Mirzani hadn’t felt this close to him in a long time.

“Fuck her,” she said to him, almost breathless. “I want to see your cock slide inside her. I want to watch, and I want my fingers in her too when she comes.”

Where was all this coming from? She only wondered for a split-second before his cock disappeared inside her juicy cunt and Dewi Persik was moaning in a voice too real to be a pretend porn voice.

Her cunt needed something, and Nikita Mirzani shoved fingers inside herself and humped her hand while she watched her husband madly fuck her friend. Her brain fast-forwarded through all she wanted to do, and soon she was coming, crying out and slumping over.

Dewi Persik whispered frantically to Nikita Mirzani, “Your hand, put your hand down there.”

She knew what she wanted. She moved slightly behind Xander’s pumping body and slid her hand down, over his balls, to where his cock joined her cunt. She pressed her hand there, feeling them both as they came, feeling the pulsations and flooding wetness.

They stayed in a heap for a bit, catching their breath. The fire had died down, and their sweaty bodies chilled quickly. They untangled. Dewi Persik pulled the blanket up and wrapped it around Riiley Reid and then her. Xander grabbed some more wood and fed the stove, then joined them.

“Wow.” That’s all I could say. How fuckingly eloquent. Then she giggled.

Xander smiled and leaned in to kiss Nikita Mirzani. “I love you so much. I’ve never told you before about this being a fantasy of mine, being with two women. I was afraid to. But this was incredible. Thank you.”

Dewi Persik was smiling. “You guys are so lucky to have each other. And I’m lucky to be here with you!” Outside the blizzard was still raging. “It’s not even midnight! Who wants more champagne?”