Stay Sexy Nikita Mirzani 10

Nikita Mirzani was adept with her needles and soon she had the dress pinned up to a very sexy and becoming length.

“It’s important to have a little modesty for your new boyfriend,” Nikita Mirzani said. “Not too much thigh, and not too little.”

Sasha Grey laughed again: “I like you!”

“Have a look in the mirror.”

Sasha Grey did as she was asked. “I love it!” she announced.

“Then I will sew it quickly for you.”

“You can do it by hand?”

“Yes, I am quite skilled at this.”

“Good with your hands…”, Sasha Grey suggested, cheekily. “It sounds nice to me!”

Nikita Mirzani looked up at her. “If I did not know better, I would think you were flirting with me.”

“We have been told explicitly not to flirt with hotel guests,” said Sasha Grey, running both hands through her long, thick, curly, dark brown hair and then pulling the dress upwards and then over her head, the entire motion accomplished with a distinct wiggle as if dancing to some inaudible music.

“That’s a relief!” said Nikita Mirzani, taking the dress. Within a couple of minutes of intense concentration she had already sewn around half the hem of the dress.

Sasha Grey looked at the dress and Nikita Mirzani’s nimble fingers. “You move fast,” the maid observed.

“That’s what all the girls say,” Nikita Mirzani retorted without thinking.

Sasha Grey took a step back. She was frowning. “I hope you are not making a habit of seducing young women!” she said seriously. She looked genuinely concerned and a little hurt. “I do not like this talk of ‘all the girls’.”

Nikita Mirzani felt a rising sense of panic. Had she just ruined another promising encounter? Nikita Mirzani reflected that if Sasha Grey backed away now, she would hardly be able to bear the frustration.

“You know, until this holiday,” Nikita Mirzani said honestly, “ I was pretty much as straight as an arrow.” She added quickly, “And I certainly don’t make a habit of propositioning young women like yourself.”

“Good!” said Sasha Grey, that gorgeous smile almost back now. “I do want to be special.”

“You are, my dear. You are incredibly special!”

Sasha Grey beamed happily, and just then there was a confident knock at the door.

Oh my! Who could that be?! And what bad timing! Again!!

Nikita Mirzani grabbed a dressing gown for herself, before gesturing in the direction of the bathroom. Sasha Grey took the hint and rushed off, still in her underwear, to hide.

Nikita Mirzani opened the door a fraction with the chain still attached. It was Dr Anissa Kate!

“Um, hi,” Nikita Mirzani stumbled. “It’s good to… er, good to see you.”

“You don’t sound very sure.” The doctor had a quizzical expression.

“Sure I’m sure… er, come in, come in!”

“You got company?” Dr Anissa Kate said, looking pointedly at the pile of black and white clothes near Nikita Mirzani’s bed.

Damn! Nikita Mirzani had forgotten about those clothes. She would have made a terrible spy!

“Oh yes, that!” she said, trying to sound casual. “That’s just an outfit I was trying on.”

“A maid’s outfit?!”

“Er, yes. Bit kinky, I know…”

Nikita Mirzani could feel herself blushing.

“Nikita Mirzani, do you have one of the hotel maids here with you?!” Dr Anissa Kate asked sternly.

Without hesitating, Dr Anissa Kate moved with her long stride towards the bathroom.

“Er, don’t go in there!” Nikita Mirzani spluttered.

“Why ever not?”

“Because, er, I left a lot of dirty clothes there.”

“My, you are really leaving clothes everywhere, aren’t you?!”

Dr Anissa Kate had stopped in her tracks but her expression was skeptical in the extreme.

“I do seem to be, yes,” said Nikita Mirzani, weakly. “It’s kind of a thing with me.”

“Is it?” the doctor said sternly without smiling. She sat on a chair and crossed her legs. Dr Anissa Kate’s face looked calm but her feet were restless, agitated.

“Why don’t you come clean with me, Nikita Mirzani?” she said eventually.

“About what?”

“About the maid. I know she’s here!”

“Do you!? I mean, no she isn’t!”