Stay Sexy Nikita Mirzani 13

For her part, Nikita Mirzani was delighted that, even as she watched this incredible sexy and apparently now kinky encounter, she was being welcomed warmly into Sasha Grey’s world.

“You see, doctor, I’ve not been with a woman before!” Sasha Grey protested weakly, winking once more at Nikita Mirzani and shooting her, unbeknownst to Dr Anissa Kate, the brightest and happiest of white smiles.

“I am very nervous!” Sasha Grey added in a small voice. To Nikita Mirzani, she seemed almost to be giggling now. “Be very gentle with me!”

The situation was altogether too much for Nikita Mirzani by this point. She sank into a confortable black chair. Her hand was stroking vigorously inside her own panties now, massaging where it was warmest and wettest.

Sasha Grey had evidently seen this move, because the maid had raised her eyebrows and shaped her thick lips into an ‘oooh’ sound, as if giving a thin and playful pretense of being shocked.

Nikita Mirzani felt another surge of happiness and desire and she began to move her hand up and down inside her dark shorts. She herself had turned her chair just slightly away from Dr Anissa Kate and she was hoping that she could share this new intimacy only with Sasha Grey, just as Sasha Grey was sharing her winks only with Nikita Mirzani.

Despite her rising levels of excitement, Nikita Mirzani was still feeling quite anxious. What if the two women she was watching never invited her to join them?

That would be awful! More worrying still was the possibility that they would invite her to join: what exactly would Nikita Mirzani do then? She was so inexperienced in these matters. Keeping one woman happy was hard enough, Riley Reid reflected, never mind two!

Nikita Mirzani took a deep breath. Try not to blow it! she told herself. Just relax, and enjoy!

She watched in rapt attention as Dr Anissa Kate - still in her white heels, brief purple silk undies and full, white, lace bra - climbed onto the bed and sat confidently astride the maid’s outstretched legs. The doctors legs looked long and powerful.

“What are you going to do to me?” Sasha Grey said, her tone was at least superficially anxious, but she winked again at Nikita Mirzani as if to say: ‘I am really looking forward to this!’

“I’m just a maid here,” Sasha Grey continued and in timid voice. “I have work to do and I really want to keep my job!” Sasha Grey pleaded, still smiling secretly at Nikita Mirzani.

“You will keep your job, don’t worry,” Dr Anissa Kate replied calmly, that voice as alluring and husky as ever. “If you play your cards right, you might even get a promotion.”

“Sorry, ma’am,” said Sasha Grey still winking in Nikita Mirzani’s direction, “but I don’t play cards.”

She was clearly pretending to misunderstand.

“I just mean that if I like you today, you might get a promotion.”

Nikita Mirzani was surprised that Dr Anissa Kate was taking this line. With her looks and charisma, she hardly needed to.

On reflection, Nikita Mirzani thought that Dr Anissa Kate probably understood that Sasha Grey wanted the doctor’s attentions, but that the doctor was giving Sasha Grey an ‘out’, a convenient excuse, to give in to desires that the young woman may have regarded as inappropriate or even morally wrong.

Gosh, why was everything so complicated? Nikita Mirzani rubbed harder inside tight black panties that were now soaking with her own desire: at least that was something undeniable, something that could not play games or deceive.

“Oh thank you!” Sasha Grey exclaimed, smiling in conspiratorial fashion at Riley Reid. “You are so kind! Do you like me so far?”

So saying, Sasha Grey raised her behind a little from the bed, as if inviting the good doctor to remove her black briefs.