Stay Sexy Nikita Mirzani 14

Knowing and somehow still innocent, this amazing, funny young woman looked so, so sexy at this point, and, as Riley Reid redoubled the intensity of the rapid vibrations and rubbings inside her shorts, Sasha Grey formed her mouth into the shape of a secret kiss and Riley Reid felt the first distant rumble of an orgasm loom onto the horizon of her heightened consciousness, the first surge of a warm wave she knew would be truly overwhelming in its intensity.

Dr Anissa Kate, meanwhile, was leaning forward and placing her hands either side of Sasha Grey’s hips. In this position, the good doctor’s full breasts fell forward a little in the white lace bra, underlining just how ample those breasts were.

Dr Anissa Kate’s expression, in contrast to Sasha Grey’s, was serious, intense - a deeply aroused but purposeful look that said, ‘I want, I need, and I intend to get!’

Nikita Mirzani felt a surge of pleasure crash through her body as she began to shake. Dr Anissa Kate’s strong, tanned hands were now guiding the little strip of black panties over the large mounds that Sasha Grey had pushed into the air, and down across the young woman’s smooth thighs.

It was too much! Nikita Mirzani let out a little moan, a cry of delight that she could not quite succeed in stifling.

Dr Anissa Kate was not to be distracted from the half-naked girl who had seized her with such purpose, but Sasha Grey had certainly noticed Nikita Mirzani’s exclamation. The young maid even did a cheeky, half-hidden ‘thumbs up’ to show that she was happy for Nikita Mirzani.

It really was lovely to have this secret, intimate connection with the maid, even as Dr Anissa Kate appeared to take control of the situation. Nikita Mirzani let several waves of warm, pulsating pleasure crash over her as she gave out another little stifled moan. She had two fingers deep inside herself now and was losing much of her inhibition.

“What are you planning to do with me, Dr Anissa Kate?” the maid pleaded playfully.

“You know I have to deliver pineapple to 20 rooms!”

There was no reply, just the slow relentless peeling of those panties till they slid over Sasha Grey’s calves and heels.

“And I have an important date with boyfriend tomorrow – I need my sleep!” Sasha Grey added. Another wink at Nikita Mirzani, who by this time had eyes half shut but still sufficiently open to enjoy the continuing conspiracy.

“Don’t worry,” said Dr Anissa Kate, moving her hands to Sasha Grey’s now-naked buttocks. The doctor’s voice was huskier than ever, and Nikita Mirzani suddenly realized that they could have been speaking Spanish with her but had actually both chosen to include her by speaking English.

She felt a surge of happiness, and another wave of erotic pleasure crashed over her. Her hand was truly drenched now and she could actually hear the soft lappings of her own come against her still-frantic fingers. It reminded her of the sound of water seeping into rock-pools at the sea’s edge.

“Don’t worry,” Dr Anissa Kate repeated, appearing now to move her hands to the valley between Sasha Grey’s raised, exposed, tanned mounds. “I will prepare you well for your boyfriend. If you teach him what I’m about to do to you, then you will have no complaints.”

“But what about those 20 plates of pineapple?” Sasha Grey pleaded, apparently trying to suppress a giggle at this point.

Dr Anissa Kate ignored this question and seemed to lift Sasha Grey even a little further. Nikita Mirzani watched, open-mouthed and enraptured, as the gorgeous doctor positioned her knees on the inside of Sasha Grey’s legs and then slowly lowered her serious, sensuous face towards the maid’s enticing, raised behind.

Riley Reid’s fingers were working furiously now as wave after wave of little orgasms shot through her trembling body. She noticed that sweat was pouring from her brow now, down her cheeks and down her neck, running in little rivulets into her cleavage.

Nikita Mirzani could see that her black bra was heaving up and down now with the rapid ins and outs of her excited breathing. Her earlier fear of being ‘left out’ had departed entirely, and she felt supremely happy and privileged to be witnessing this incredibly sexy encounter.

And then suddenly, the good doctor must have engaged her full lips with Sasha Grey’s sex, and the young woman’s expression changed dramatically.

No longer playful, cheeky and conspiratorial, it was the expression of someone swept up in a moment of extreme passion and pleasure.

When she glanced at Nikita Mirzani, her expression was somehow other-wordly, transported, anxious, even pleading: it was almost as if Sasha Grey was saying “This is too much for me! It’s too intense! Help!”

But Nikita Mirzani was in no position to halt the proceedings; nor did she wish to. She rubbed inside her tight shorts and pants with even greater intensity, feeling weak by now with the shudder of so many orgasms. By now she could hardly keep her eyes open, but she knew she had to continue to witness the unfolding encounter.

Sasha Grey’s hands were by this time gripping the sheets either side of her head, and this beautiful girl was shaking her head from side to side, making her thick dark curls cascade first this way then that, as she let out a series of increasingly unrestrained and ascending moans.

‘Cogerme! Cogerme!’ the young woman shouted (and Nikita Mirzani knew enough Spanish to know that this did not mean, for example, “Can I have a cup of tea?”).