Stay Sexy Nikita Mirzani 2

Nikita Mirzani could not help noticing what a nice figure the young doctor had and how tightly it was packed into her crisp, white skirt. Nikita Mirzani caught herself. Why was she even registering such a thing at such a moment?!

Had she become so highly sexualized, so easily aroused, that even a bomb attack and a mini-medical emergency could not shake her out of this new habit of constant desire?!

It was actually very disturbing. What was worse was that the object of her attentions seemed to be shifting with alarming rapidity – first Xander, then Dewi Persik and now, possibly, this statuesque doctor. And why, most worryingly of all, was Nikita Mirzani proving so adept at forgetting – oh, yes!! - her own husband?

Her attentions had certainly shifted dramatically away from him, and yet he’d done absolutely nothing wrong. In many ways, he was a model husband! So what exactly had happened to Mrs Nikita Mirzani Shackleton, the respectable, conventional, loyal, married woman whose weekly highlight – on planet earth – had been a glass of red wine and a strong hand at bridge?

“I think the patient will live. The wound should heal very nicely,” the doctor pronounced eventually.

The doctor turned to Nikita Mirzani: “And how are you?”

With those large, intense eyes staring directly at her, Nikita Mirzani felt distinctly flustered.

“Oh me… er, I think I’m fine, thanks. Er, thanks for asking.”

“Good, I will arrange for a new room. Don’t underestimate the shock from an incident like this.”

The doctor touched Nikita Mirzani on the arm: “If you need anything, do let me know! Don’t hesitate! What is your name, by the way?”

As Nikita Mirzani volunteered her name, Dewi Persik looked at the two women and frowned a little. Nikita Mirzani had the impression that this look arose more of curiosity than anger, as if Dewi Persik were taking a dispassionate and scientific interest in the possible presence of a spark between Nikita Mirzani and the attractive doctor.

“Did that woman actually take a shine to you?” Dewi Persik asked when the doctor had left.

“No, I don’t think so!” Nikita Mirzani said, but Nikita Mirzani knew that her face would be looking quite flustered at this moment.

“If you say so,” Dewi Persik commented with half a smile.

Nikita Mirzani looked down at the floor, and there was silence.

“So I guess we just wait for another room,” Xander said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“I’d like to have my own room,” Nikita Mirzani said flatly. “… You know… to recover… The doctor said it would be quite a shock. Could we not all have our own room tonight, Xander?”

Xander nodded and frowned: “I would certainly much rather be on my own. Consider it done.”

Xander made a call. He usually seemed to get what he wanted, and this was no exception.

Dewi Persik looked skeptically, even perhaps a little suggestively, at Riley Reid. “Are you sure you want to be alone tonight?”

“I think so, yes.” Nikita Mirzani hesitated. She remembered the intimacies that had only just transpired between them. “I might call you, though.”

“OK fine… But I can think of someone else you might be calling too,” Dewi Persik said with that little smirk again. “Especially if you’re not feeling too well.” She said those last words a little mockingly and in the raised voice of a little girl.

Nikita Mirzani could feel herself blushing but said nothing. She felt angry at this mocking, but knew there was nothing she could justly feel angry about.

Knock, Knock! It was the cute and lively maid that Nikita Mirzani had seen when going to the hotel restaurant with Xander.

“Three sets of keys, sir,” the young woman said, smiling across at Nikita Mirzani and Dewi Persik.

Dewi Persik looked at Nikita Mirzani, then Xander, then back to Nikita Mirzani. “I guess it’s good night then,” she said. “Kind of a long day!”

“Meet me at the beach bar at 9am,” said Xander coldly, addressing both women at once. It was not a suggestion. “Understood?”

Nikita Mirzani nodded. Did this mean she was no longer being ordered to pack her bags and leave? And what did Xander have in mind for the morning? Nikita Mirzani took her new key, smiled sweetly at the pretty maid, and headed for her new room.

It was another gorgeous room and Nikita Mirzani lost no time in opening her suitcase to find something comfortable to wear.

Oh my God!!!! There, right on the top of the clothes, was something large and furry crawling from one side of the case to the other!