Stay Sexy Nikita Mirzani 5

Nikita Mirzani could feel herself blushing even more now. She really didn’t want Dr Anissa Kate to know how much she fancied her – not yet anyway. But once again her skin seemed determined to give the game away!

“What is the medical reason for blushing?” Nikita Mirzani asked, trying to create a slight distraction while acting casual, scientific, objective.

“It can be many things,” the doctor replied. “Excessive heat, embarrassment… desire.”

The doctor’s voice was noticeably lower when it came to that last word. And of course,” the doctor added, “if you are in a hot country and embarrassed by your own desire, the effect will be multiplied!”

Dr Anissa Kate was smiling kindly and Nikita Mirzani just had to laugh. She loved the playful, teasing intelligence of that comment, and it helped her to relax a little more.

“I see,” said Nikita Mirzani, uncrossing her legs and then crossing them again. “Things make a lot of sense when you explain them, doctor.” Did that sound too naïve, too deferential?

There was silence, then the doctor spoke. “I will take your temperature, though it’s probably not necessary.”

“I like your blouse,” said Nikita Mirzani, out of nowhere. She’d been staring again, and the words had just slipped out.

Dr Anissa Kate laughed: “Oh, thank you! It’s a pretty standard white blouse really.”

“You make it look…”

Nikita Mirzani fell silent.

“I make it look what, dear?”

“Well, you make it look anything but standard.”

Nikita Mirzani knew she was blushing intensely now, but she quietly admired her own courage in making the remark. How would the good doctor respond?

Another silence. Maybe Nikita Mirzani had gone too far?

“If I did not know better,” the doctor said eventually in that low, sensuous voice, “I would think that you found me attractive.”

Nikita Mirzani could not quite believe her eyes but Dr Anissa Kate was actually fiddling with the top button of that white blouse now. It was really too, too sexy!

“I’m sure I would not be the only patient to be a little dizzy in your presence,” said Nikita Mirzani, pleased with this remark, which was definitely flirty but hopefully not too much.

“It’s quite hot in here, isn’t it,” the doctor said, unfastening that button with the result that Nikita Mirzani could see a little more of her delicious tanned cleavage and even a glimpse of the doctor’s white bra. Nikita Mirzani felt blood racing to her face now, and her stomach was lurching into some kind of heightened state of arousal.

“It is, isn’t it?” said Nikita Mirzani sweetly, her voice a little brittle and dry now. “You don’t have to be formal. Just relax.” Nikita Mirzani knew she herself had sounded anything but relaxed when making that suggestion.

Dr Anissa Kate gave that long, slow, sexy stare to Nikita Mirzani again, her intelligence – and perhaps desire - shining through those large brown eyes and somehow magnified in their intensity and effect by the black glasses.

“Relaxation has proven health benefits,” the doctor said. “Particularly after some kind of trauma.”

So saying, the doctor undid a second button on her own blouse and Nikita Mirzani could now see very clearly the white lace of the doctor’s ample bra. Nikita Mirzani felt a new wave of desire surging through her and a new level of dryness in her mouth.

“Er… You were going to take my temperature, doctor.”

“Indeed, I was. Could you open your mouth for me?”

Nikita Mirzani smiled: “Anything you say, doctor.”

Nikita Mirzani closed her lips around the thermometer and Dr Anissa Kate pushed it gently inside her mouth.

“You have pretty lips,” the doctor said.


Nikita Mirzani felt so sexy at this point, so confident, and so desirable. She desperately wanted to kiss Dr Anissa Kate, to draw the doctor’s tongue inside her mouth just as she was drawing the thermometer.

The doctor withdrew the glass tube after a little while and examined it. “Quite normal!” she pronounced.

“Your lips are pretty too,” said Nikita Mirzani, glancing up at the full, dark, red lips of Dr Anissa Kate.

Dr Anissa Kate’s bleeper sounded. Oh no! Who was that?

The doctor looked at her messages: “I’m so sorry, I’ve got to go!”

Damn! Why did Nikita Mirzani keep running into people with such busy working lives – and at such inconvenient moments?! It was most inconsiderate!

Nikita Mirzani took a risk and unfastened her own white dressing gown, which duly parted to reveal her black bra, taught belly, and skin-tight black shorts.

“Could you not be a little late?” Nikita Mirzani said in what she hoped was her most appealing voice, widening her bright green eyes as she did so. “Just a little teeny bit late”

Nikita Mirzani began to run her fingers through her thick blonde hair, and she whispered: “You know even doctors need to relax!”

“Especially doctors,” Dr Anissa Kate shot back. “… But I really should get to this patient.”