That Hurt Nikita Mirzani 1

“You had her from the minute she saw you pull that razorblade out of your mouth and shout, she’ll cut a bitch.” The words were strange, but the tone was all teasing affection.

Warmth stole up her neck to settle in her cheeks and Nikita Mirzani ducked her head. She still couldn’t believe someone as wealthy and sexy as Zack Kincaid found her attractive, especially when he’d met her at her worst.

She’d read about him in the papers—everyone in town had, but she’d never seen him in person until the night he stepped in to protect a would-be mugger from her fury. Zack had 9-1-1 on standby when the idiot mugger stepped up on her. Good thing too because she’d probably be sitting in jail otherwise.

They had spent every day together since then and most of the nights as well, but just when she thought they had find their way into either his bed or hers, Zack would call it quits. He was so gentlemanly, so kind and caring and it was driving her crazy.

Nikita Mirzani wanted sex. A lot of it and she wanted it now! Who the fuck cared if they were still strangers?

Zack caught her chin with his soft fingers and tilted her head up to look at him. Electric sky-blue eyes peered down at her a little myopically. He’d taken his glasses off so they wouldn’t fog up when they kissed.

Zack’s mouth descended slowly, giving her time to say no, but she was so desperately horny she nearly jerked him off his feet and between her legs.

Their kiss, when it finally happened, sizzled through her body until her toes curled. Zack didn’t just kiss her; he made love to her mouth and left her wanting more. Without disconnecting our mouths, he guided her backward, directing her toward her sofa.

She hit the coffee table, stepped on the cat’s tail and stumbled over one of the chairs, but she was so hot for him and his cock, she barely noticed. Weeks of dating and ending the nights with only a kiss had caught up to her. She needed sex. And it appeared Zack was ready to give it to her.

If her mouth hadn’t been occupied with sucking on his tongue like a mini-dick, she might have cheered. Instead, she made hungry, desperate sounds in the back of her throat. She probably sounded like a salivating beast about to devour him and to be honest, she sort of felt like one.

As though if he put his cock in her, she might gobble it up. She pushed the thought from her mind. That so wasn’t sexy and she needed to feel sexy right now.

Zack’s hands tugged at her shirt, trying to snap the buttons. Oh yeah. He pulled away from her mouth, panting loudly as he worked to get her out of her top. It looked so easy in the movies, but all he managed to do was jerk her around like a ragdoll.

She thought she’d get whiplash with the force of his tugging. When he resorted to trying to undo the buttons with trembling fingers, she intervened.

“Let me,” she finally told him, pushing his hands away from the material. She unbuttoned the top button and pulled the shirt over her head.

There were skills you learned when you were a horny bitch and being able to get out of your clothes in a short amount of time was one of them.

His hands reached for her bra, but she shook her head and gave him a little shove in the direction of the sofa. Her boobs were far too saggy to be seen in the light of day and the only way her bra was coming off in front of him was with a court order and a crowbar.

To distract him from the boob goal, she dropped to her knees before him, making room for myself between his legs. He sucked in an audible breath when she opened the fly of his slacks.

She might have held her breath as well as she reached inside for her prize. She’d been waiting for this for so long. Her fingers closed around something hot and hard, but not nearly as big as she’d hoped.

Pulling him out, she tried to hide her disappointment. This wasn’t the kind of cock you’d write home about. She tried to reassure myself. It’s not the size that counts, it’s the motion of the ocean.

Who the fuck was she kidding? she wanted a long, thick dick, not a Tootsie Roll, but that’s exactly what she’d gotten.

Maybe it won’t be so bad. With all the women who follow him around, he’s got to have some skills in the bedroom. The idea appeased her some. The man could definitely kiss.

That had to mean he was a wiz at oral sex. Cheered by the thought of having his delicious lips wrapped around her clit, she leaned over and took him in her mouth, not surprised that she could deep throat him with no problem.

His groan turned her on. She like to give head. She enjoy the power it gives her and nothing gets her hotter than tasting a man. She settled into a nice, smooth rhythm, not even noticing when he bucked his hips up for more.

The sounds he made left her with a dripping wet pussy and she clenched her thighs together in an attempt to appease the ache as she fondled and gobbled his cock and balls. This was making her so hot. Even if his cock wasn’t as big as she wanted, if he used it just right…