That Hurt Nikita Mirzani 2

Zack came with a shout, his cum jetting into her mouth with a bitter aftertaste. She’d definitely tasted better—one of her past lovers tasting a little like pineapples—but she didn’t back away from him.

In fact, she licked him clean, the delicious knowledge that she’d brought this important man to completion humming in her veins. When she pulled away, she looked up to see him staring down at her with awe.

Yes, it was fucking awe. If that didn’t make a woman feel sexy, she don’t know what would. She allowed herself a smug smile and leaned up to kiss him.

The hand in front of her face halted her halfway up his washboard abs. “If you want to brush your teeth or something…use mouthwash or something, that’s fine,” he said in a voice that managed to convey disgust and arousal all at once.

Oh no he didn’t. She stared at him blankly. He wanted her to brush her teeth. She stumbled to the bathroom in a daze of disbelief. She’d had his dick in her mouth, sucked and swallowed his semen and he couldn’t kiss her?

Outrage unlike any she have ever known filled her. It was like a slap to the face. She don’t know how long she spent staring at herself in the mirror. Zack wanted Nikita Mirzani to wash her mouth before she kissed him. What a bastard!

Unfortunately, she was still keyed up and too horny to kick him out, billionaire or no. If she was generous enough to suck his cock, the least he could do was give her mine.

She deserved an orgasm now. She scrubbed her mouth as though she was about to see her mom, brushing and rinsing with a vengeance, her anger pushing some of her arousal back.

Once her mouth was sterile, she fluffed her boobs, which had begun to slide beneath her underwire. Zack would be sorry he hadn’t licked her mouth in appreciation.

She gave herself another look in the mirror, tousled her hair to look sexy because he was going to regret this and exited the bathroom.

But when she reentered the living room, it was to see Zack waiting for her wearing nothing but a condom. She stopped in her tracks. Hm. She still wasn’t sure his cock was worth all the hassle, but she had to appreciate that he was already hard again.

Most of the time she had to wait a good thirty minutes before she could get another round, yet here he was looking as though he hadn’t just blown his top.

Her gaze roamed over the exposed skin before her, her mouth watering a bit. He might have a smaller cock than she liked, but Zack Kincaid had a nice body. Very nice.

Hell, he was pretty enough to put on her wall as a work of art. Ribbed abs she could use to wash her lingerie tapered down to a sexy crease where his stomach met his hips. Hubba-friggin’-hubba.

“Come here,” he ordered softly.

A tremor danced up her spine at his words and the dark tone of his voice. Once again, he had her mesmerized to the point she did as he commanded. What was this strange power he had over her?

Usually at this point she was basking in the afterglow, yet here she was jumping to obey him after he’d ordered her to brush her teeth. Like she was five years old or something, yet despite how angry she’d been moments ago, the minute she saw him, she grew weak again.

When she was within reach, he cupped the back of her neck and drew her closer until our bodies were aligned perfectly. Her rolls meeting his valleys, her soft, doughy flesh nestling into his hollows.

He kissed her as though his life depended on it, devouring her mouth in seductive forays that left her head spinning. Part of her brain, the part that was still pissed he’d ordered her to brush her teeth, wouldn’t shut down.

It suspected Zack was kissing her to make sure she’d cleaned her mouth, but despite this cynical thought, the warmth he’d aroused in her earlier returned. It was because he was so commanding, kissing her like the Alpha male she knew him to be in the boardroom. It really turned her on.

Our tongues dueled as his hands roamed her naked skin. He flirted with the straps of her bra, trying to slide them down her arms, but she wasn’t gone enough to forget about gravity. He gave up after a few seconds, his touch skating down her back, drawing shivers of delight from her.

Thumbs hooked in the waistband of her skirt, pulling it and her panties down. She shivered, her arms wrapping around Zack’s muscular shoulders. God, Riley Reid loved it when a man undressed her.

Except his hands weren’t rough from work. They were soft and smooth, almost feminine. That distracted her for a moment, reminding her that he wasn’t her usual type.

But the thought sent another trill of pleasure through her as though she was about to sleep with an extraterrestrial or something.

She snickered to myself at the stray thought that he was an alien with an extendable dick, but he distracted her before she could let the laughter out. Thank god.

Her clothes fell at her feet with a hushed swoosh. She’d have nothing but cat hair all over them by the time this ended. Oh well, the sacrifices they make for sex.