That Hurt Nikita Mirzani 4

Nikita Mirzani bit back a sigh. He could have been at it for minutes or hours, she had no concept of anything but how tired her legs were getting in this position. Eventually he crawled up her body, his thighs spreading her legs wide as he settled himself in the cradle of her hips.

Final-fucking-ly! She lowered her gaze to his handsome face, those eyes that had mesmerized her from the beginning. With Niagara Falls between her legs, there wasn’t much need for her to brace myself for the first thrust of his cock.

When it came, that slow push of hardness against her swollen tissue, she released a sigh of relief and excitement. Nikita Mirzani clamped around Zack’s cock, happy as could be. He’d warmed her up so thoroughly, there was no way he’d leave her behind.

To make certain of that, she lifted her legs higher around his back, almost near his armpits so he’d hit her where she wanted. He started thrusting in a slow, steady rhythm that caused her arousal to blossom again.

“Yes,” she whispered. She wasn’t sure if it was approval or a plea. She clutched him tighter, digging her fingernails into his shoulders. The slight grimace on his face had her loosening her hold.

She held on with her fingertips instead, careful to keep her nails away from him. As desperate as she was to come, she wasn’t going to ruin it by distracting him from the main attraction. She needed this orgasm like she needed air to breathe.

He started powering into her harder, making her tits bounce with every thrust. The slap of our bodies meeting, sweat coating our skin until we glided together like a well-oiled machine made her even hotter. Her orgasm was there. Just…there.


No! Her eyes flew open to see Zack’s face contorting above her, but he didn’t stop fucking her. If anything, he started moving faster, harder, his cock bumping against her cervix the way she liked.

Her eyelids fluttered. Yes, yes, yes! His movements became erratic, a fast, grinding roll of his hips and then a fast battering. She fucking loved it. She was going to come—

He stopped. She wanted to cry, just curl up in a ball and wail. “God, that hurt,” he muttered.

Somehow she doubted he was talking about blue balls because he’d come tonight already. Vaguely wondering if women had anything equivalent, she opened her eyes again.

“What hurt?” She asked, not really caring at this point. She was so fucking frustrated she could’ve screamed.

His face twisted into an adorable expression. “Muscle cramp in my stomach.”

She blinked up at him. He’d almost given her an orgasm by accident when moments earlier he couldn’t have found her clit with detailed directions, a GPS and a homing beacon?

It baffled the mind, but before she could ask him how he’d reached the ripe age of thirty with these bedroom skills, or lack thereof, he started thrusting again.

Slow, steady and deep, he fucked her. She hiked her legs higher, making sure he hit that spot. That oh god, that’s the spot spot. The one he couldn’t reach with his tongue.

Nikita Mirzani started to pant and moan and make all kinds of encouraging sounds. The air around them grew humid with their perspiration and the energy of their bodies working together to achieve release.

“Yes,” she moaned, her thighs threatening to snap Zack in half. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.” With each word her voice rose higher and higher. She was going to come. She felt the need to announce it as though she’d just won the Nobel Peace Prize. “she’m gonna come!”

Zack groaned, his body shaking. Please hold off just a little longer. But of course the Fates found her plea amusing because he fucking. Stopped. Again.

“My arms are tired,” he whispered against the side of her neck.

She whimpered. But before she could start bawling, Zack twisted us around until she was on top and he was splayed out below her. She no longer cared that her boobs were pointing directly at his stomach. The fire in her pussy needed to be put out. Now.

Nikita Mirzani started riding him at a fast, frantic pace, her thighs burning as she worked his cock. One of his big, soft hands gripped her hip, the other sliding to the apex of her legs to find her clit. She was so shocked he knew what it was she paused in mid-stroke to stare down at him.

He looked so damn sexy, his hair spiked around his head from sweat, his blue eyes heavy-lidded and slumberous. Her stomach gave a little lurch. That attraction, the one that’d caught her attention when he arrived on the scene like a conquering hero, returned tenfold. This was the man she’d wanted in her bed.

He swirled his thumb around her clit, sending a bolt of pure need through her. Oh God. He does know what a clit is! Her head snapped back as her hips undulated against him, riding him like a pony. Soft, high-pitched cries escaped her as the cliff approached.

A sudden pain in the leg pinned between Zack and the sofa caught her off guard. She let out a shout, bucking to stop the cramp, but the man inside her didn’t seem to realize she was writhing with agony, not pleasure, because his hands gripped her hips hard.