You are Perfect for My Needs Nikita Mirzani 3

Nikita Mirzani couldn’t keep from licking him like the best cone of ice cream she’d ever tasted. Nothing went with caramel better than dark chocolate. The remnant of cum coating his cock was the perfect chocolaty ending to her dessert.

She expected his shaft to soften after the explosive orgasm he had, but as the moments ticked by he remained hard. Glancing up, she found him staring at her with lust-filled eyes.

“What is your name, Earth woman?”

She didn’t want to let his cock out of her mouth. Mumbling around his dick she tried to answer, but it came out garbled. “Mithy.”

“You must remove my cock from your mouth. I didn’t understand you and the translation chip didn’t catch what you said.”

She shook her head, mumbling her disagreement. There was no way she was giving up the caramely goodness of his rock-hard shaft.

Nikita Mirzani fondled and gobbled his cock, sucking and nibbling until her lips felt swollen. With a glance she noticed he still stared at her, brows scrunched and a scowl marring his features. She continued to lick him around the head as he glared at her.

“I’m required to fuck you and mark you with my cum. Until that is done you are not technically mine. Stand now so I can take you.”

Those silky words spoken in his dark voice made her obey. If he wanted to fuck her, then she’d let him. He was, after all, her master now. She’d do whatever he wanted as long as she could suck his cock more. With a loud pop his dick came out of her lips.

She stood quickly, stripping off her lingerie, letting it pool on the floor at her feet. Her breasts felt heavy and achy after being freed of the silk. She fought the urge to cup them and offer them to her alien.

He stroked his beautiful cock for a moment and then beckoned her to him once again. As she approached he pushed a button next to his right hand and his chair began morphing into a low couch. He slid sideways and crooked a finger at her. “Come ride me, human.”

Nikita Mirzani panted. He was so gorgeous to look at. Her pussy clenched and a fresh flood of moisture flowed down her legs. She’d never been so ready and wet for a man before. His thighs parted slightly as she climbed over his hips.

She reached down and grasped his massive cock, positioning him at her opening. Even with him being so large, much larger than she’d ever taken before, he slid easily into her drenched channel. She threw her head back and moaned. “You’re so big. I can’t take it all.”

He grunted and thrust up into her further. “My skin creates a chemical that will allow you to take all of me. Press down on me.”

She could feel her vaginal walls stretching to accommodate his incredibly long and thick rod. A sob of need left her parted lips. She wanted to move hard and fast on him, to rub his hardened shaft against those places inside her no one had ever touched.

Tentatively she started sliding up and down his cock, loving the slick pressure of him inside her body. As she pushed down, sucking him into her pussy, she felt a nudge at her anus. Panic stopped her movement and she stared at him with widened eyes.

“Do not worry. It is just my secondary penis. I need to fuck you with both before the marking is complete. It won’t hurt you, I promise.”

Nikita Mirzani hung between arousal and fear. She’d never allowed any man near her back entrance. Her cunt throbbed around his cock and she relented. If he said it wouldn’t hurt then she’d believe him. Aliens couldn’t lie. Everyone knew that. Especially hunky ones that showed up on Earth to find themselves sex slaves. What reason could he possibly have to lie?

She slowly lowered herself down his cock and gasped when his second shaft nudged her anus again. She knew the mechanics of anal sex, had read enough erotic novels to get how it was supposed to work.

With a deep breath she pushed back, feeling the bulbous head enter her. She waited for pain, but felt only a slight burning stretch. Even though she’d never had anal sex, this was deliciously wonderful.

With renewed vigor she pushed down onto both his cocks, rocking her hips to take him to the hilt in both holes. A moan of absolute pleasure slipped between her lips. She watched pleasure twist his features.

Lifting off his lap was sensual torture as his shafts rubbed against her sensitive tissues. Pushing back down onto his hard cocks was even more sinful. They stretched her, filled her to bursting. Each stroke pushed her closer to another orgasm. Her body was willing, her mind was confused as to how she could have so many in such a short period of time.

“You will come with me, Mithy.” His voice caressed her mind, pulling her from her doubts and pushing her to the precipice. Even with him getting Nikita Mirzani’s name wrong, just the cadence of his words had her racing to her release. Hell, she couldn’t even remember the first syllable of his name.

She rode him like a champion, pistoning her body up and down on his cocks. Each stroke delicious. Just as she started to come she lost her rhythm, but he grasped her hips and continued thrusting into her. Her cries of ecstasy were met with his as he came, shooting hot molten cum into both her openings.