You are Perfect for My Needs Nikita Mirzani 2

He stalked to her, peering at her with blatant lust in his dark eyes. “You are coming with me to my planet, Moonlust, to be my sex slave. You may call me A’Zorxeitryiou’Vaernolae.”

“Okay. You are so hot, of course I’ll leave my planet and everything I know to be your slave,” she said breathily.

His name had thrown her for a loop, but she wasn’t going to let something like that stop her from getting it on with her hunky alien. “I want nothing more than to serve all your needs. Do you want to fuck me here on the grass? It’s not too wet. I could go get a blanket.”

He bent and swiftly threw her over his bare, muscular shoulder, bouncing her lightly. She found his beautifully formed naked ass at eye level, too delicious and tempting to resist.

While he moved with long strides toward his ship, she reached down and cupped his cheeks, squeezing slightly to feel the muscles moving under his warm skin. She flushed with arousal again. A male with a butt like the one she fondled would know how to thrust into a woman. How to take her to places she’d never been.

Within moments she was being set back on her feet on the cold, metallic floor of his ship. A shiver raced up her spine. He’d been so hot against her skin.

“You will take my cock in your mouth while we fly. We will be taking off in a few moments.” His rich voice made her shudder. Nikita Mirzani nodded in understanding. The idea of sucking this male off while he flew them to space was almost enough to give her another orgasm. There was nothing sexier than a male in charge.

She watched him sit in a large chair. There were flashing buttons and screens all around her, but she was completely mesmerized by the hulking alien in front of her. He spread his muscular thighs and beckoned her between them. His cock was long and thick.

The color of it was darker than the rest of his body by a few shades. His thighs were in hues of maroon, but his proud cock was a deep burgundy. It was the longest shaft she’d ever seen. And the girth? She swallowed hard when she visually measured him.

Nikita Mirzani was sure she wouldn’t be able to wrap her hand around him. She’d be hard-pressed to take it all into her body, and she knew there was no way to take him all into her mouth.

Even if she deep-throated him there would still be inches and inches of him. He pointed again to the impressive appendage. She didn’t hesitate. She wanted to suck and taste him.

Kneeling quickly brought her face-to-face with it. She gasped and felt moisture leaking from her channel. A small orgasm rocked her body just from the sight of his magnificent cock.

Her nipples beaded and she groaned quietly as tremor after tremor vibrated through her body. The slight movement of the ship and the shivers below her knees from their takeoff added to the experience.

“Start now.” A large hand gripped her hair and dragged her closer to his groin. She licked her lips in anticipation. She breathed deeply, pulling his scent deep into her lungs. It reminded her of something sweet and sticky. She wrapped both hands around his cock and she flushed with arousal.

His skin was hot and soft under her palms. Even with her hands stacked on top of each other there were six inches or so of uncovered cock for her to taste. Leaning forward she tentatively gave the bulbous head a quick lick. A rush of flavor made her gasp. Caramel. His cock tasted like freshly made caramel.

“You taste so good.” She groaned before giving the head another swipe of her tongue and humming in appreciation. She loved caramels. Enthusiastically she took the top of his cock between her lips, licking and sucking.

Nikita Mirzani barely registered his groan of approval over the loud rumbling of her stomach. He tasted of warmed apples dipped in caramel sauce, or hot caramel over ice cream. She had to fight the urge to nibble on him as she worked his massive shaft between her lips.

After a few moments she felt him stiffen further and his hands gripped tighter in her hair. She fought his hold, sipping on his sweet skin. She whimpered like a puppy pulled from its mother’s teat when he tried to pull her off him.

She was too wrapped up in the need to sate her hunger to obey. She used her grip on his cock to hold him to her mouth, increasing her ministrations until he gave in and released her hair.

Hollowing her cheeks, she sucked him like a thick straw, trying to draw his essence from his balls. If his skin tasted like warmed dipping caramel—the kind she loved to coat apple slices in—she couldn’t wait to down his cum.

He thrust into her mouth, pushing her fist against her lips. She couldn’t even think of his name without losing her rhythm. For now she would just think of him as He. She swallowed convulsively as her mouth watered and his cock hit the back of her throat.

His thighs tightened around her shoulders a moment before hot, pulsing liquid filled her mouth. She expected the bitter taste like human men but she groaned with the taste of him.

Like fine Belgian dark chocolate, creamy and delicious. His cum slid, melted and warm, down to her belly, quieting the riotous hunger that had gripped her with the first taste of his cock.